I'm going to Belize!

Next week- specifically, Ambergris Caye. We’re staying at Ramon’s Village, and will be doing about five day’s worth of dives over the week we’ll be there. One of the dives will be to the Blue Hole, even though it’s pretty damn pricey.

Anyone here ever been there? Anything we should absolutely do? Anything to watch out for?

I’m pretty sure I’ve read a post here about somebody doing a dive vacation in Belize. If nothing else, sounds like a lot of fun in the sun and you’re back at the top of the forum :slight_smile:

Be sure and get pics.

I posted once about my trip to Belize, in a thread about “Here’s where I made a really stupid mistake.” No, diving in Belize wasn’t the problem – I fully recommend diving the Blue Hole with a good guide. My mistake was ignoring my dive computer when it freaked out and said I was suffering oxygen toxicity.

Other useful stuff – if you’re on land, bring sunscreen and insect repellent. Most of Belize outside the cities is in a malaria-risk zone, I wasn’t allowed to give blood for a year after my trip.

Belize is AWESOME! I went to Placencia for my honeymoon, and my husband and I are dying to go back someday. I’m no big diver–went snorkeling for the first time there. I loved it, though, so next time we go, I’m going to make sure we can do some more, and maybe get SCUBA certified. Say hi to the nurse sharks for me!

Oh, and the mosquitoes are really bad. Ditto on the bug spray.

Lots of cool Mayan ruins in the country that are worth looking at. You’ll want to go and see Altun Ha, the site represented on the bottles of Belikin beer.

Did it about 6 years ago. The boat ride to the Blue Hole is a Loooong one. But it’s worth it. I’m glad we did it. The chumed for sharks, and we where swimming with blues during our d stop.

Shark ray alley is pretty cool too. It’s typically a break between two dives and you snorkle with some big ass sting rays.

Look for my grafitti in Caye Caulker.

Lots of jungle ,hot and wet .