I'm going to Disneyland!

Well, I live in Anaheim, I can go to Disneyland pretty much any time I want to…

This is going to be a bit different. The local morning drive guys have been running a promotion since the beginning of the year. The way it goes is: every morning they give out two riddle-type clues about what’s in a storage locker. On Friday morning, they open the phone lines and let people try to tell them what is the prize in the locker, AND which morning guy’s locker the prize is in (there’s a clue about that on Facebook). Last week’s prize package was a flat screen TV and Blu-Ray player, but the listener failed to identify whose locker it was in, so it rolled over and was added to this week’s prize.

By yesterday morning, I knew what this week’s prize was (and whose locker it was in). So I called in at 9 this morning and after about 50 tries, I got the phone to ring. At 9:05 the production assistant told me that I MIGHT be calling in too early, and she would check to see if I could squat until 9:30. Turns out I could (although she never came back and mentioned it), because 9:30 came and went, and I was still on hold.

Then, at 9:38 listener Brian was allowed to guess. He had the answer perfect, except for one key word*. The jocks went to the next listener in line, listener Janet. She missed the same key word (thank you Brian and Janet).

Then I heard a click on the line, and the character of the sound underwent a subtle change. I knew I was on the air. “Listener kaylasdad, what is in the Mark and Brian storage unit?” said Mark. "$200 cash, a family four-pack of Disney Resort Park-Hopper tickets, and an overnight stay in the Disneyland Dream Suite, not in a hotel, but above the Pirates of the Caribbean ride!" says I. “And it’s in Brian’s storage unit.”


So the '99 family is going to Disneyland! I’ll be getting more information about it later today.

Plus we get a 59" 3D TV and a blu-ray player (but I might have to sell those to be able to meet the income taxes).

Also, I have to find some way to get some sleep today. Maybe tequila.

*key word being “dream.” He thought the prize was in a hotel suite.

Dude! Awesome!

Woah! Congrats, that’s awesome!!

Screw the rest of the park, the Dream Suite is freaking awesome. Congrats!

I am so freaking jealous!!! DREAM SUITE!!! :eek: :smiley: :eek: :smiley: :eek: :smiley:

Hopefully, you won’t have to bunk with the Lasseters and all their kids! I’m told they show up from time to time.

Ah, look for the fireflies in the garden in the suite. Amazing place. Congratulations!

Rock and roll! Nice score!

I used to listen to M&B back when I still listened to terrestrial radio. Nice to hear they are still arouns and doing good deeds for Dopers.

Totally awesome! Congratulations!

I’ve never been to Disneyland. Can I be part of your family? :smiley:

Holy shazbot! I hope you find a way to afford the tax on your new stuffs. :smiley:

How much do you want for the TV? :smiley:

Also, congratulations! (I had no idea Mark & Brian were still on the air.)

Yay for you guys! Have fun!

That’s awesome, take pics!