I'm going to FMV

I’m going to Ffamily Values
I’m going to Family Values
I’m going to Family Values
I’m going to Family Values

Yup yup, gonna see one hell of a concert Friday night, (wait its 12:50AM here, its TONIGHT! SUPER KICK ASS!Anywho…) and gonna lose my voice and hearing for a day or two. Korn, Limp Bizkit, Filter, Crystal Method, Staind, possibly Run DMC or Ja Rule are all on the ticket. I can’t wait!!! YAY!

Just thought I’d share.

Anyone plan on going to it or have already gone? Did ya like or it or was it sub-par? I’m hoping Staind plays a long set, they are super kick ass.

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My topic’s name should’ve been named something else, like “I’m going to FamVal” or “I’m going to FMT” not FMV, it really doesn’t fit. Well, it fits, just not a snug as the other formentioned topic names.

I just realized I’m rather tired and need to go to bed. Hehehe I’m goofy late at night…WEEEEEEE!

Yes, I’m sober right now.

ok goodnight, see ya’ll monday!

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
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I’m glad you’re happy. I’m a bit more old school myself, but I’d still go if it were in my area. Raleigh never gets any shows… :frowning:

Yer pal,

Cowgod, isn’t that in Columbus tonight? Or was that last night?

Raleigh? That would be NC? Half my family is from there. I’m scared to ask. But I want to know never the less.

Drain, the tour stops in Columbus tonight at the Schottenstein(sp?) center.

I haven’t seen the FamVal concert, but I have seen Korn in concert and they were great! I haven’t seen Limp Bizkit YET, but I have heard they are great in concert.

I’m jealous.

I went to The Big Ass Show last Saturday - Bens Fold Five, Eve Six, Cake, Primus, Luscious Jackson, Jimmy’s Chicken Shack, and a few others. Most excellent!

Coffee, chocolate, men . . . Some things are just better rich.

Diane -

Damn! I’d love to see that show! I saw Eve 6 a year ago and LOVED them. (And admission time…they were opening for Our Lady Peace and Third Eye Blind. And yes, I love all three bands…) And I’d love to see Cake live too.

Reason #356 I need a better paying job: so I can go to more concerts!!!

Cowgod, you’re going to be about five blocks away from my place tonight. Weird.

My review of the show

opening act: Staind
score (out of ten): 10
fav songs: Mudshovel, Spleen, Crawl
Comments: Supremely super kick ass! Staind is very very very good. I missed half of their first song trying to get to my seat in the nosebleed section but was non dissapointed by the rest of their set.

2nd act: The Crystal Method
fav songs: Trip like I do, Busy Child, Cherry TwistHigh Roller
Comments: CM is a very good techno band. Problem is, I went to FamVal to listen to rock- it just didn’t mix with the rest of the show. Funky beats and big bass mixed with a crazy light show made all the pot heads sit in a stooper for thier set.

3rd act: KORN
Score: 10
Fav songs: Blind, Faggot, Freak on a Leash, ADIDAS
Comments: Hot DAMN! Korn turned the show on its head, the floor was just insane, so many pits and crowd sufers… just totally insane! I must go see Korn again, they truly know how to rock!

4th: Filter
Fav Song: Hey Man, Nice Shot
Comments: Blech, Filter is a bunch of pussies. The only songs that I knew from them were from ‘Short Bus’ their first album, and one from thier knew album, whose title I forget. Filter needs to be locked up in a cage and learn how to be more like Staind and Korn.

5th: Limp Bizkit
score: 9
fav songs: Nookie, Rearranged, Faith, No sex (with Aaron from Staind)
comments: Fred Durst is the shit. Fred does whatever the hell he wants to do. Had I botherd to buy Significant other I would have enjoyed his set much better, but i didn’t becuase I thought I didn’t like them anymore. This show has changed my mind. I like Gimpy Bizquick again.

Final Comment: Family Values was by far the best show I’ve been to this year, I don’t believe I’ll ever see such a great combo of bands ever again. Staind will be big very soon, so watch out for them!

“I’m not dumb. I just have a command of thoroughly useless information.”-- Calvin and Hobbes
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I remember the days, about 25 years ago, when something like that came up. Went to a Frank Zappa concert. Somehow got there, no help, and not enough money for cabfare home. I hitchiked. The first car stopped. Only they didn’t stop for me.They proceeded to have sex on the back seat. I didn’t feel like asking for a ride. It got cold. Walked half way home. A guy in a limo and driver’s uniform gave me a ride finally.

Damn, Cowgod, I thought you were going to tell us how you were planning on living the rest of your life in full motion video (Ahh. FMV. The ‘coolest’ gaming concept of '93!)


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