I'm going to hell

It’s pistachio flavored Jello instant pudding. The electric green stuff? With pieces of pistachio.

My arteries just cursed your name, lissener. I heard them distinctly.

On to phase two: bought the Chocolate Fudge flavor today. Will report back after I come out of the coma.

Okay. I just did the dessert with the pound cake, marscapone and pudding with half heavy cream and half regular milk. I cut the pound cake into thirds and layered the marscapone and pudding and some fresh berries. This was a big winner as a dessert. The only thing that I would suggest to help this out is something to moisten the pound cake, and we used Grand Marnier and it worked very well. Amaretto would probably work also.

I tried chocolate with cream but it turned into mousse.

A nice mousse, but not what I was going for :frowning:

Ooh. sounds good.

And Abby, yes it was very moussey.