I'm going to hell

I made a batch of Jello instant pudding, pistachio, with HEAVY CREAM instead of milk. It was like eating God’s butter. I’m gonna try it with chocolate.

May your taste buds pay unending homage to you and your arteries curse you to their last days. :smiley:

Now you made me hungry…

You should try it with that chocolate Redi-Whip. Or, you know, just spray the Redi-Whip directly into your mouth if you don’t have any pudding left. It’s like chocolate mousse in a can!

If that was sugar free instant Jello I don’t see what the problem is.

That’s pretty much the same feeling I get whenever I have my Annual Double Kingburger with added cheese, bacon, chili and egg, at Fatburger.

gives SPOOFE an inexpensive woven carrying container

I’m allergice to pistachios. Let me know when you get the chocolate pudding ready.

Man, I gots the chocolate pudding, but I ain’t got no cream! It’s too late to go to the store, but tomorrow night, mmmm-hmmm. This I have got to try.

lissener, you may gain sainthood for thinking of this.

I’m with Kallessa–that’s brilliant. I have to go to the store now. :stuck_out_tongue:

A recipe I have for Loaded Baked Potato Soup calls for six cups milk.

I use three cups milk and three cups half-and-half.

Nice, thick, creamy soup, with shredded cheese and bacon and chives and sour cream…

And if you layered it with marscapone and pound cake, with whipped cream…

Or… I have frozen sour cherries, and I could get brownies, and layer them.

Definite dessert time. Going to the store.

So help me God, this is what I’ll be eating come payday.

Dumb question: Where on earth do the pistachio’s come in? They don’t sound like something that would go well with pudding at all.

ivylass - Can you please post the loaded potato soup recipe? I love it at restaurants, but it’s always horrible from a can.


Mmm. You should try my clam chowder: only one in ten people have a chance of surviving it.

That sounds great.

One thing: making the pudding with heavy cream makes it so thick it’s spreadable; would make a good frosting I think.

I’ll see you there. I’ll bring the beer.

Good thing Jesus is more forgiving that your arteries, eh?


All those concoctions are mere approximations to the truly sublime, glorious gustatory goodness that is creme brulee.

Some of the best I’ve had lately is served at Parker’s Lighthouse seafood restaurant in Long Beach. Creamy, ultra-rich, and twice the serving size you normally find.

It was so good, I hurt myself eating it.

Dr. Stephen Franklin, to Michael Garibaldi, regarding the bagna cauda the latter had made.

“I can feel my arteries hardening just being in the same room with it.”

Man, I don’t make instant pudding very often, but I think I’m going to add cream to my next grocery list!

Bought the cream and the pudding. I’m a little short of cash so I didn’t get marscapone. It’ll be chocolate and vanilla pudding layered with ladyfingers and cherries. Could add some booze. Rum or amarreto?

ooooo baby! Amarreto, all the way!