I'm going to see Emilie Autumn on Oct 13 in NYC!

Just purchased my ticket for next Tuesday to see Emilie Autumn, the Wayward Victorian Girl, live at the Highland Ballroom. I’m so excited! I’ve only been a fan of hers for a few months, but she’s like nothing else I’ve ever known. I think my favorite songs are “I Want My Innocence Back”, “Marry Me”, “306”, “Miss Lucy Had Some Leeches”, and “Best Safety Lies in Fear”.

Are any other Dopers fans (muffins) of Emilie Autumn? Is anyone else going to see her?

I just looked her up on Wikipedia. I must say she looks interesting. I’m gonna go see if I can find a short clip of her music….

The show was mind-blowing! Easily in my top 3 of my favorite concerts (sorry, but Baba Zula live in Istanbul, and BB King, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard headlining for Wyclef Jean, Keb Mo, and Ozomatli is hard to beat). It was almost half-circus, what with all the acrobatics and burlesque dancing. Emilie was fantastic live; she has the most piercing eyes I think I’ve ever seen. She played her harpsichord one-handed while drinking tea with the other hand. They played several of my favorite songs, including “I Want My Innocence Back” and “306”, but sadly no “Marry Me” or “Miss Lucy”. Her banter with the Bloody Crumpets was hilarious, and there was plenty of girls kissing, girls swooning into one another’s arms, girls proposing to girls, etc.

Here’s a clip of Emilie performing “Dead Is The New Alive” last night.