I'm going to see the Blue Man Group at last!

Woo Hoo! I’m taking my son to see the Blue Man Group live in London in August; we have tickets in the second row; they were half the price of those a few rows back - I understand that most of the reason for this is ‘materials from the stage’ can find their way into the first few rows of seats; comprising paint, jelly(jello), etc; plastic ponchos are provided, but I can’t see the point; surely getting on the receiving end of this mess is an enhancing part of the whole experience.

Actually, I intend to get new, white T-shirts for both of us, to capture the essence of the show materially, as it were; I’m hoping we can get the Blue Men to add some handprints to these after the show (they mingle with the audience in the foyer) and I will frame the shirts along with the ticket stubs and a photo of them putting the handprints on us, if I can get one.

People are far less fussy than you. My kids and I sat in poncho territory a few years ago in NYC and had a great bespattered time. It’s a wonderful spectacle.

Do many people actually use the ponchos?

Did you mean far more fussy? The OP makes it quite clear he’s not only willing to be splattered, but planning for it and embracing it.

I do. :smack:

Mangetout recommended I devour NYC pigeons a few weeks ago. You don’t get less fussy than that.

Yes, people use the ponchos. Can’t blame them, I guess–they don’t know what’s coming. I suspect it’s mostly hype, 'cuz nothing too gross floats your way.

Saw them in Vegas last year and it was really an amazing experience. I didn’t sit close enough to get bespattered, but if I get the chance to see them again, I’ll definitely get seats up close. Have a great time!