I'm going to 'start carrying marker's around with me.

…for the 'sole purpo’se of cro’s’sing off errant apostrophe’s in 'shop 'sign’s.

Today’s offender, at a restaurant entrance: “Todays Desert’s”.

Anyone know where I can get a hold of those back-lit markers they use?

For you’re “enjoyment:”
Apostrophe Abuse and The Blog of Unnecessary Quotation Marks.

The worst one that I ever saw was at my workplace several years ago. The boss of a man names Charles sent an email out because Charles called in sick. It said:

Charle’s won’t be at work today.

Wish’s you we’ll.

You’re trying to give me hives, aren’t you.

Perhaps they were a desert that day?

Now I’m going to have to go on an ax rampage at the local DMV and it’s all your fault.

:smiley: You can either let it make you crazy or just laugh at the stupid.

I once had a friend make a post on her facebook page about her camera len’s.

Remember, don’t use the markers on your computer screen.

Easier to add stuff than remove stuff.

“Today’s Desert’s the Sahara.”

If you’re at all serious about correcting other people’s signs, don’t be like that idiot who marked a historic sign in a national park and was charged with vandalism.

I wonder if any chocolate “moose” live in the desert, just in case my stomachs growling.

This thread is “great.”

The worst one for a while was Macy’s Mens department. Many other stores forget the apostrophe as well. But upon reflection, I think the apostrophe is obsolete and ought to be discarded entirely, solving both forms of the confusion.

Nope, but maybe the hives’s.

I saw this in a professional publication today: capability’s

I couldn’t finish the article.

Seen today in the window of the Salad Works at 1500 Spring Garden Street in Philadelphia:

“CCP Students Get’s 10% Discount”

Honest to God. CCP is the Community College of Philadelphia, just up the street. I wonder if there’s an extra discount for students literate enough to point out both things wrong with the sign.

This is the worst example of apostrophe abuse that I have ever seen, if only for the context.

For some reason I read the title of the o.p. as “I’m going to start carrying Maker’s Mark around with me,” and I thought to myself, “Well, it’s okay as bourbon goes, but you should really try Knob Creek or Woodsford Reserve if you’re going to be hardcore about it.” Then I realized it was a grammatical rant and felt like I’d fallen through some kind of Phillip K. Dick novel where everybody interprets words slightly differently due to the use of mind-altering drugs, altered perception of reality, and a multi-solipsistic view of the universe.

I had a point when I began this post, but it has since escaped me like Steve McQueen in a prison movie.


This is excellent. :smiley:

Angry Flower - Bob’s Quick Guide to the Apostrophe, You Idiots!