I'm going to the Bahamas on Saturday

During my last round project in Long Island, NY, I became good friends with one of my Americorps project sponsors, a very grandfatherly man who takes frequent trips all over the world. He invited me to go along with him on an all-expenses-paid cruise to the Bahamas, and we leave Saturday morning. :slight_smile: Never let anyone tell you that serving your country won’t get you anywhere.

My itinerary:

Sat New York City
Sun At Sea
Mon Orlando (Port Canaveral)
Tue Great Stirrup Cay
Wed Nassau
Thu At Sea
Fri At Sea
Sat New York City

He’s already booked us a kayaking trip in Florida to see the manatees, and snorkeling in Great Stirrup Cay. I really want to go horseback riding in Nassau and hopefully we’ll get to do that. This is all so surreal – today I was packing my suitcase and putting my cute little summer dresses and shorts and tank tops in there, and its December! It’s not exactly freezing here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, but it’s not sun-dress weather either. The Bahamas will be my fourth country I’ve been to. The others are (in order) Canada, Turkey, and Greece. I finally get to put that passport to good use again! I’m sure I will be back with lots of photos in a couple of weeks!

BTW, before anyone even asks or gets all :dubious: : this is all on the up-and-up and he is a trusted friend and we are not involved. He is old enough to be my grandfather and adores me in a very innocent way. He’s also very well-to-do, and taking me on a trip to the Bahamas is not that big a deal for him; the man goes to the casino every weekend and spends more money than I probably have in my bank account.