I'm going to the Great American Beer Fest this weekend!

Yup, that’ll be Mr. Athena and I, drunk in da corner. 1200 different beers for us to try! Whoohooo! I’ve been wanting to go to this pretty much since I moved to Colorado, and here it is, my last chance to go, and I’m going! Never went before because I never wanted to spend the $$ on a hotel room, and as we live a good hour and 15 from downtown Denver, driving home after drinking all night is not a good idea.

Mr. Athena had stopped at our favorite brewery last night for a cold one (www.lefthandbrewing.com) and the friendly barmaid asked if we were going to the GABF. He said “No, we don’t have a hotel room, and we’re trying to save money.” She suggested looking into Priceline.com, since so few people are travelling lately. He came home and told me the story, and we went “What the heck? Let’s try it.” We log on to Priceline.com, say we want a 4 star deluxe hotel for $50 in downtown Denver - a laughable price! - and low-and-behold, we GOT it. Yup, we’re staying at a pretty damn nice hotel for the grand price of $50/night.

Any other dopers going? C’mon… meet me there!

I won’t be there, but I certainly am jealous. 1200 beers … mmmmmm.

I went to last nights. It was a blast as always, even if its a bit smaller than when they used to hold it in Currigan. I’d tell you where all the good beer is, but it more fun to find on your own. Just stay away from the quirky, odd flavored beer as they all suck(except for the chile pepper flavor beers which I actually liked.)

Damnit, I can’t remember what admission is. Anyone recall?

$40 at the door, $35 in advance, but I’m not sure if advance tickets are still available. Lemme know if ya go! We can meet up somewhere.

And btw, Hercubus, I did invite my friend (you know… the FRIEND. From Omni’s post) but she’s busy that night…

I want to go but I probably wont be able to, have committments even though I knew about this back in May…ah damn.

Anyhow, for more information:


It started yesterday I guess.

“Great American beer”…isn’t that a contradiction in terms?

Not if you’re smart enough to know which ones are. :smiley: