I'm gonna get electocuted, I know it.

In this thread: Paging Dr. De Sade I talked about my experience with atrial fibrillation and the doctor’s desire to stop my heart.

I’m having another long episode. It’s been 12 hours and my heartbeat is still irregular. I posted about it in GQ (link) and Q.E.D. says I should see the doc. Ah, hell. :frowning:

Any good wishes for my impending electrocution would be appreciated. Any proof that I don’t need to have it done would be even more apreciated! :wink:
If they stop my heart, even if it restarts right away, would I technically be dead for that 1 second?

These things usually turn out to be less traumatic than you anticipate. Go to the Dr., your doing more harm in getting all worked up about it. You’re going to be fine.

I’ve been in Afib 3 times, twice related to operations and once related to being undernourished and dehydrated. All three times they treated this with medicine.

Sending supporting thoughts your way.