I'm gonna play till my eyes bleed

Civ3. Jesus Christ. Liked to ruin me. “I’ll just play for a few hours” around 8pm. Then my girlfriend would be tapping me on the shoulder at 10am saying “Did you sleep at all last night?” And I’d just say “Uuuuuuhhh!,” because my mouth had gone so dry.

EverQuest and UT. I once did a three day marathon of nothing but drinking caffiene, playing those two games, and watching Bruce Campbell movies. Good times.

Oh! I love ADOM, and have also been playing it a lot. I picked it up after beating Nethack for the second time, and have really enjoyed it. How far have you gotten in the game, and what class/race combination do you like? I’m glad to know I’m not the only Doper that likes the game.

And the only games that I’d really use in this thread would be Nethack and Megaman Legends. When I finally stopped playing MML for the night, I was hallucinating from the game. It was… odd.

Oh and any of the Total War games. I dont’ even fight the battles 9/10ths of the time. I play it as a sorta board game. I can’t imagine why I waste so much time moving little pieces around.

Super Smash Bros. Melee. I can’t even comprehend how much time I’ve spent playing that.

Before that, Starcraft.

I think my favorite class is the farmer. I’m just a packrat I guess. :slight_smile: Plus, the first time I beat the game was with a dwarven farmer. Right now I’m playing a High Elven Mindcrafter. Damn, this guy is hard to keep alive! I don’t think I’m the only doper that loves this game either. I was thinking about starting a thread just to see who shows up.

Civ 2, and Magic The Gathering Online back when the beta test was going on.

It was just too painful. This is a game that normally costs $10-20 for a decent competitive tournament, and they were giving you “$100” a day to spend on it. I’m glad I wasn’t taking any important classes that semester.

Despite the evidence of my Pit thread I’d nominate Black and White (LionHead Studios) as the winner.

Runners up…

Tron 2.0
Quake (1)
Sim City 3000
Populous The beginning (possibly my fave game of all time)

Long-time ADOM fan here…I’ve been playing since 1996.

This thread is giving me lots of good suggestions for games. I had originally started it to see what types of gamers are here. Well, I’m off to do a some shopping. Cheers.

Well, it makes a really wacky kind of sense. You’re usually there, so you figure you’d know where it goes if ever you should need it.

I was able to play final fantasy tactics for hours (as the battles can last 20 minutes apiece)…

Once, while having a go at Xenogears, I found the game didn’t recognize my memory card when I tried to save, and all the data that was on it was somehow wiped out… I was really far (near the end of the first disc) and decided I had to leave the Playstation on for a couple days and not risk losing my progress… I forgot how I managed to fix the problem it, but I played the hell out of that game in the process… thank god for summer vacation…

This is why I don’t play video games anymore.

Yep, I know how that guys. I would’ve mentioned those games, too, but my computer is right to a sliding glass door and the sun has to come up sometime. :slight_smile:

The Sims.

It finally installed correctly on the computer over the Weekend. I have Mondays off. Needless to say, I looked up at 3 pm and realized I had been playing for 7 hours and I should probably eat something and take a shower. I am now looking forward to Saturday. :slight_smile:

Diamond Mine

While it is decidedly less tech-y than all the other games mentioned, it is still 100% KRAK.

cough Usually I at least get 3 out of 4 words right in a sentence. Fill in the appropriate blanks. :wink:

Civ3. Especially on the higher levels. Even with animation off, the turns get LOOOONG, and I start thinking, “Well, I’ll go to sleep when I’m done building X or discovering Y or capturing Z.” Then my alarm goes off and I slowly, tiredly walk from PC to shower to go to work.

Deus Ex before that. Sweet God on a saltine, that had me going. I forget who it exactloy was that found me (Proteus sounds right), but I was playing at around 2:30 in the morning when I hack that terminal and it says “Proteus found you! Proteus found you! Run while you can! Run while you can!” let’s just say that I needed lots of coffee to get through the following workday.

SimCity 3000 Unlimited was SO DAMN FRUSTRATING. “I’ll play until I stop losing money.” That means you’ll never stop playing.

And the first game that I just coulnd’t stop was Fallout 2. I loved that game. It should have won more awards, and those layabouts at Black Isle had better get moving on “Van Buren.” I recommend this game to anyone. You can probably get it for 10 bucks right now, and its witty, non-linear, personality-designable gameplay makes it fun. It’s essentially a voyage of discovery, and I just wanted to explore and explore. I was actually pissed when the game ended, I was having so much fun.

I called out sick a few times for Diablo II, but that was over a year ago. I think I called out once recently for Final Fantasy X.

  • Adam F.

I called out sick a few times for Diablo II, but that was over a year ago. I think I called out once or twice for Final Fantasy X.

  • Adam F.

Oh, sweet baby Jesus, tell me about it! I always manage to spend the first few hundred years building an army, doing research, building cities, and generally futzing with my civilization. And then, right about when I enter what I think of as the “1917 Period”, I get in an epic world war with some other civ. And this of course is when it’s 6am and I really SHOULD go to bed…

Man, I love ADOM too. So much so that some years ago I tried, and eventually succeeded in, talking its creator Thomas Biskup into divulging the history of the game on rec.games.roguelike.adom.

The Civ games have kept me up all night, especially the first one (Civ3 tends to frustrate me, especially when I go to war too early), but my high school friends and I always considered Railroad Tycoon to be the real time-killer. Once a friend of mine from high school came to visit me at Penn State to attend a conference. When I left my apartment at 8 in the morning to attend class and go to the library, he was sitting at my computer playing Tycoon. When I got back around 7 he was sitting there still. When I asked him how the conference went, he weakly admitted that he’d decided not to go, and had been sitting there for the previous 11 hours building railroads…