Most fun/addicting video game

OK, we’ve gone over The Sims. I was wondering what everyone’s favorite video game is. Partly because I want to get a new game and want some advice and also I just thought it’d be interesting to see what other people think. So what are your favorite, most addicting video games, description of it, does it have an ending, and anything else you might want to say.

I’m a stickler for sports games and the Civilization and Sim City serieses. Not a huge fan of role playing games. There was an old computer game where you operated on people, Life and Death, I think. Any games like that? I used to play it when I was little and just send people to surgery to hack 'em up. Anyway, I’m kind of getting bored with the sports games, not enough realism these days. Oh well, guess I need to wait till I get a PS2.

Have you tried Creatures?

I have 4 of the little guys, 2 from the hatchery and their 2 kids.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of Creatures

For some reason, I always come back to Alpha Centauri. It’s not much different from Civ 2 or those type of games except for when you drop a nice Planet Buster and wipe out a cluster of cities and land beneath it. It definitely makes a great lake-maker!

Also, I can’t get enough of Rainbox Six: Rogue Spear. There’s nothing like taking out a terrorist from 50 meters with your fave sniper rifle.

Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear ranks way up there for computer games.

For the Playstation it’s Driver, and for N64 it’s either Super Smash Bros. or Goldeneye

Addictive? That would be, hands down, Evercrack. I mean Everquest. Not only has it caused people to lose sleep for days and get fired, but I believe families have split over this masterpiece. I’m lucky I got off when I did…

Diablo II: Oooooh, man, there are times when you get a hard-on from annihilating an army of demons with a few Frozen Orbs.

Half-Life: For those of you who’ve never felt every single one of their nerve endings.

Quake 3: What can I say? It’s Quake!!

Well most of those games I agree with but thats only certain conditions. For example, Smash Bros. is great fun when you have 3 friends to play with you but its never nearly as fun when playing single player.

Goldeneye (well, now Perfect Dark) was pretty good single player but its superior multiplayer setup was the real addictive/funner draw.

Twisted Metal 2 is a crappy single player game and excellent multiplayer game.

PaRappa the Rapper and Umjammer Lammy are hilarious games that are just plain great. 2 Player in Lammy wasn’t half bad either.

Unreal Tournament is more fun than addicting since whenever I play, I have fun but I don’t play it with the crazy regularity I do with other games.

Theres more but I’ve noticed that having people to play w/ you makes almost any game addictive and/or fun.

Right now I’m on Pharaoh/Cleopatra. However, I’m at the stage when I can’t be bothered sitting around for an hour and a half while they build me a pyramid.

I’m looking at getting that Alpha Centauri double pack that I saw the other day. If it’s anything like Civ2, then I’m sure I’ll love it.

I did love goldeneye, till some bastard broke in and pinched my nintendo…

After 8 years, I still can’t stop playing Legend of Zelda : A Link to the Past on Super Nintendo. To me, that game is perfect. But it looks like the new Zelda game on N64, Majora’s Mask, will keep me busy for quite a while.

Playstation all the way.

MLB Pennant Race because it’s baseball and the players look more real than in any other game I’ve seen.
Medal of Honor and Medal of Honor: Underground. A lone commando behind enemy lines fighting Nazi’s. Great graphics and stirring soundtrack. Also, if you shoot a Nazi in the leg, he dances around on the other. You shoot him in the crotch, he doubles over in pain but doesn’t die. It keeps track of your shots, how many head shots, torso shots, crotch shots…Big time fun.
Quake 2.

Hey Spoofe, is Quake 3 for a PC or Playstation?

Tenchu - Stealth Assassin… can take up to 10 minutes of mind-sharpening-sneaking-up-on-someone-tactics off your life, just to kill one of your enemy! Sorry, couldn’t think of a better way to write that.

Tenchu II (see above)

Driver - and Driver 2 has now hit the streets! Ram the hell out of your buddy, go on, you know you want to and you know he loves it!

Happy hunting for the days and weeks you swore you weren’t playing silly computer games ALL day before you bought these twilight zones.

I am addicted to Unreal Tournament. I cant help it. I have tried other games, but I keep coming back to UT. I love playing online… “headshot!”, “mulit-kill”, “Godlike!!” There is just some morbid satisfaction seeing people explode (or crumple to the floor) because they just sidestepped into the rocket I shot at them. I monitor my stats on games from NGUI stats. There is nothing better than coming around a corner hearing that final click of the 6th rocket loading ‘chunk-click’ and then ‘whooosh’ letting them all go at a group of players who are running away as fast as possible… Someone help!!!

So that’s why my boyfriend didn’t need me around when he was playing computer games with his friends, odd.

I love the Zelda gameon N64, it’s the only video game that I’ve ever beat. Sad isn’t it? My boyfriend helped out a lot, but now I must have the new Zelda game, it’s addictive I just had to get through it. I spazzed out when I couldn’t beat the water temple and called my boyfriend all happy and hyper when I beat each damn part.


Super Smash Bros. But only if you have at least one other person playing.

Super Bomber Man, for the SNES, best multiplayer game in existence, ever. Not the second one, the old school first Super Bomber Man. My god, I think I spent a good 3 weeks straight playing that game once. Classes? After this game. Sleep? After this game. Food? After this game. Pot? After thi…ok someone put it on pause of a second…:smiley:

I’ve never seen a game like that one before. You would play it for 15 minutes, look and at your watch and discover Holy Crap! 6 hours have passed.

Starcraft (hands down the best game ever)

Diablo 2(but only addicting for a little while compared to starcraft)

Counterstrike(i cannot explain why its fun, its also the most played action game and its only a mod for halflife)

Alpha centauri is fun but mutliplayer for it sucks.

Everquest(single most addicting game ive ever played, but after a while it became the most hated game i ever played)

Super Smash Bros( fun but its on a console)

Zelda(fun fun fun and being on a console doesent hurt rpgs)

Goldeneye(best multiplayer options ever but is ona console)

Wheel of Time(fun but only if you can run it)

Heroes of Might and Magic II & III(similar to alpha centauri but totally diffrent:))

Dungeon Keeper I and II

Final fantasy tatics(so hard to find that it retains its original price after 3 years)

and finally WarcraftIII(is not out yet but will be fun cause its made by blizzard)

You stole the words directly out of my brain, man! I swear I missed my entire high school life purely for that game.

The effect it had on time is eerily similar to Unreal Tournament’s effect now.

Once again, the morbid fascinaition w/ an imaginary announcer’s voice going “Head Shot” just reduces me to a drooling idiot. But I have fun being a drooling idiot for the time being.

Unreal Tournament and Diablo 2

UT is a first person shooter, very good graphics lots of weapons different modes etc. Very addicting.

as for Diablo 2:
very addicting as well i played it for the majority of the summer for almost 12 hours a day. I have a level 40 paladin on the closed server :). I haven’t played for a while but the game is still very fun. Considering all the weapons, items, characters, skills, and difficulty levels this game has a very high replay and addictiveness.

MDK. I’ve got it for my PC, and I just keep playing it over and over.

Rollercoster tycoon – this game is perfectly addictive. Many hours (Oh shit! I’m late for work) have been lost to this game building the perfect rollercoster to see the little people get off and vomit.

Also, the only game known to man to break the evercrack addiction