Im having a midterm election party (with color in maps!) how do i do it?

Ok so this year I’m having a midterm election part, and half the guests are dressing in red, the other half in blue (minus 1 or 2 for independents, who will be in white). The blues/Democrats will hiss when the reds/Republicans win a seat and vice versa.
My only problem is, how do i keep track of it all visually?

For my party in 2008 i had a giant map of the US and i colored each state as it was won by either Obama or McCain, and we didn’t worry about any other races.

This year we have not only the entire House of Reps, but 34 Senate seats plus 36/50 Governor’s seats. We want to make as big a deal as anything about all of these, so what do you think is the best way to “plot” these wins/losses as they go?

I’ve tried but can’t find a “seating chart” for the Senate or House of Reps. Does anyone know where I can find one?

Or is there a better way to plot all of this quite visually that doesnt involve having it all done on my computer on the day).


Pin the Tail on the Donkey.

Or pin the Donkey (Elephant/Other) on the map. Cut out an appropriate number of animal shapes, and grab some push pins and pin the animal on the state as it wins it. You can stack animals on one pin, or have different pins per type of race, depending on the size of your map (and the size of certain states!) If a given party sweeps the state, then colour the state in completely.

Instead of hissing, your guests can make animal noises, which IMHO would greatly improve any politically themed party (but I’m not much into politics…!)

I’d go with seating chart maps. You just need two maps - one with 100 seats, the other with 435 seats. You can fill in 66 of the Senate seats already, of course.

I can’t seem to find a blank seating chart. If you wait until close to the election, most of the major news websites will probably put up their own seating charts that you could print out (you may have to take a screenshot if it’s in Flash).

Here’s the first image that appears when you do a Google Image search on “blank congressional seating chart”:

Here’s something you could probably mock up for the House, by creating a little space below the person to fill in a name or state designation (like IN-7, CA-39, etc.):

In fact, you could probably (if you wanted to spend a little time), create bigger cutouts like that that are red on one side, blue on the other, each with their own House seat designation.

You could, alternately, just print out a really big map of congressional districts, with blue and red crayons.