I'm having a PC problem.... Help?

Hey all…

I just installed Sid Myer’s Alpha Centauri… this game kicks ass, but when I run it, I have to fiddle with my screen, as it shifts to the right several inches.

It does the same thing with Age of Empires…

I tried changing my settings, and it made the game not worth playing (really messed up the graphics, and made the GUI almost unusable).

Any advice, or even an explanation as to why it would do this? It’s only these 2 games, everything else seems to work fine… sigh

What resolution is your monitor set for? What res are the games set for? The display settings might be the reason for the shift. If your’e at 800x600 does it still do the same thing when you start playing?

Try the resolution change first. Here’s the other two things tech support will tell you:

If you have Win95 or Win98 you should also make sure you have nothing else running in the background, sometimes an active desktop or email programs can screw with your video card. Anti-Virus and crash protection programs are hell on games. Pull up your task manager (ctrl+alt+del) and close everything except explorer and systray before you launch your game. This will increase performance with anything you play.

You should also check to make sure you have the latest drivers for your video card.

I used to run a tech support team for a major game company. Without more information that’s all they’re going to tell you.

So what you’re saying is that when you run these games, the display is off-center and you have to fiddle with the monitor? If that’s all there is to it, you’re just going to have to live with having to adjust the h-center when you run the game and afterward. This is pretty normal and there’s not much you can do about it.

K… thanks for the feedback so far. I’ll post more tonite after I get home… I’m at work now, and don’t know off-=hand this stuff…

It just struck me as odd that the screen would be so off center… like half of the screen would be gone.

More to come later…

I have no idea if I can update my drivers or not… I got one of those Fry’s PC specials, and the Video Card is built into the mother-board. I should look into that though…

Turn off all your background programs (see above) and start your game.

When the splash page for the game comes on,use your monitor adjustments to center and size the page.

Exit the game. Your desktop SHOULD be the way it was before.
Open your game again, and all will be right with the world.

Just a long way of saying most games nowadays allow you to adjust your screen just for the game.

Good Luck.

Try running the program in the same resolution as your desktop, or vice-versa.