I'm helping my friend pick out a laptop

Let me repeat that for effect.

I’m helping my friend pick out a laptop. Me, the girl who, when she bought her’s two years ago, didn’t comparison shop, didn’t even think about processing capability, graphics, not even RAM. I just decided what brand I wanted and how much disk space I needed. Oh, and a CD burner. That’s all I wanted. And now I’m helping a gamer/computer-geek friend (ie. someone who knows more about this stuff than I do) decide what he needs for a secondary computer.

I find this whole idea somewhat amusing.

Just had to share.

If he wants to use it for portable gaming, and doesn’t mind the expense, point him at the Dell XPS 2. You can usually get some pretty good discounts using coupon codes from this site. It was more than I could justify when I got mine a couple of weeks ago, since I don’t have a lot of use for one. But I still almost went for it.