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What is Prince’s favorite dessert?

Raspberry sorbet

What did Tiger Woods say when he lost his virginity?

Let me get a couple of practice strokes

What do you call a penis that can sing?

Urethra Franklin

What did Kurtis Blow say to his son when he was teaching him how t o drive?

These are the BRAKES

Explain the Prince on to me…I’m quite ignorant.

He has a song titled Raspberry Beret - and Sorbet sounds kind of like Beret.

Oh god, that’s bad.

I thought that this would have been a Caddyshack line:


What do you call 750 white men chasing a black man?

The PGA Tour.

Why does Snoop Dogg carry an umbrella?


How does Snoop Dogg like his steaks cooked?


What do you call a black guy flying a plane?A pilot, you racist bastard!

Uh, I think this was OPed in CS because the OP jokes were all about entertainment figures. Otherwise, it’s just a generic joke thread.

Good point. Read mine as “What do you call a black entertainment figure flying a plane?”


Short answer