I'm HOME (or, Lauren's romp through Europe)

Yes, I am finally back in front of my computer in Montreal.

In the past three weeks, I have done Londope (and took the Travelling Sheep as my companion on the rest of the trip), London, Amsterdam, Paris, Nice, Rome, Florence, Venice and Milan.

I’m tired.

I’m, surprisingly, not jetlagged at all (just sleep deprived) which is a very good thing since I’m gonna be meeting the Doperéal peeps tomorrow morning! So very busy.

I had a really nice time, did and saw lots. I’m totally museum-ed out.

And Mort (the Sheep) had a wonderful time, too!

Mmm. Europe is full of museums. Who knew the ninja turtle artists were so prolific.

And to frant, I made sure Mortimer didn’t get into to much trouble along the way (although there was a little incident whilst outside of the Moulin Rouge in Paris, but it was really just a big mis-understanding).

And Montreal is such a good city, being away from it just made me love it all the more.

Glad you enjoyed your trip, guys! How did you like Amsterdam?

Actually Coldie, I meant to email yu but stuf has been so hectic. We came into Amsterdam at 3 in the morning and left at 10 pm the same day. So it was very nice, though kind of a blur!

Ahh! Scott left himself logged in! What was he thinking?

Well, considering the typos…

It was him, I swear.

Laurange is officially cute as a button.

Did you get my post card???!!!

Matt, you won’t believe this, but…

I got your post card. I planned to write and mail it from the airport, but… I put it in my checked baggage!

So you will be getting it hand-delivered :slight_smile:

(I thought the same of you, Twist!)

No, I mean did you get my postcard from Spain?

Oh! Yes, I certainly did! It was very very exciting to have mail!

for some odd reason - Canada seems very similar to Europe to me

I thought that Paris and Montreal were surprisingly similar, both in the way they looked and felt. People moved the same way down the street, and the way traffic worked was closer to home in Paris than any other place we visited, IMHO.