I'm in a bad mood

Ugh. I’ve been taking Prozac for some time for reasons associated with ADD. A while back I went on Strattera which had a big and significant effect on my mood. Now the doc wants to get me off Prozac, which is fine by me, so I started stepping down last Thursday. (Evidently, one does not want to quit Prozac cold-turkey.) I cut my daily dose in half last Thursday, and today started going every other day with what was left. Seems like I’ve been in a worse mood here at work yesterday and today–and maybe even later Sunday.

(The same day that I started cutting back on Prozac, I upped my Strattera.)

Some woman called me to ask about some town or township that I would have no reason to know anything about and after hanging up the phone I blurted out, “Why the fuck should I know a god-damn thing about W. township?!” My boss asked what was up and I said that stupid people piss me off and I started getting really pissed at her.

I feel remarkably less patient. Less so than I have in quite some time. Like I’m ready to snap and all I want is to be alone. I feel, not melancholy-type blue, but angry-type blue. Last Tuesday, if I had reflected on the fact that I’ll never know the love of a beautiful woman, I’d shrug and chalk it up to the world being a shit-hole and otherwise not feel too bad about it. Today, it is making my mood black, and then blacker.

So now I’m having some thoughts:[ul][li]Is this related to cutting back on the Prozac? It has only been a week and I thought that stuff was supposed to stay in your system for a while.[/li][li]Is drawing a conclusion from a coincidence a healthy was to assess my mental health? It could just be a garden variety mental malaise that will go away shortly.[/li][li]I wonder what effect I’ll feel, if any, from the increase in Strattera. When I first went on it the jump in mood, starting almost exactly 7 days after my first dose, was remarkable. Then, as it was upped again I felt another jump in mood just about 7 days later. (One is probably not going to guess the right dose right off the bat.) Tommorrow will be day seven for the latest increase.[/li][li]Why the bloody fucking hell did they kill Futurama?![/li][li]Why won’t the boss sign that effin’ permit application?![/li][li]Why do I have to be so gynophobic (as opposed to misogynistic–I don’t hate women, they just scare the hell out of me)?[/li][li]Going to bjj tonight is gonna suck. (Okay, that wasn’t a question.)[/li][li]Will my neck and shoulders ever stop aching?[/li][li]If there is a god, would he please! soften the heart of a beautiful woman and send her my way?[/ul][/li]
Whew. Thanks for letting me get that off my chest.

IANAD, but I can totally relate. I’ve never been on any such mood-altering meds, although I’ve been told (by amateurs) that I should consider it. Anyway, I know the “I hate stupid people” feeling all too well.

It sounds like the Prozac has, indeed, worn off. Possibly the Strattera has not yet kicked in. Hopefully, it will follow the 7 day pattern, and you’ll be cool, again.

But, if not, you should really make an effort to control your anger/annoyance/displeasure. Sure, it’s hard. But, other people do it, with varying degrees of success, so I’m sure you can, too.


Well, my mood has improved since writing the OP, so maybe getting it off my chest was just the thing. Or maybe I’m repressing it.

Being pissed off by stupid people isn’t normal?

Not that pissed that quickly.

Makes me think I need some Prozac!

hi there js,

sorry to hear about your bad mood, I hope it lifts soon.

I would say it’s probably not from the prozac. You’re right, it stays in your system a long time and since you are stopping it gradually you hopefully won’t see any negative effects.

I have mental health “issues” myself and when I am trying to decide if I’m getting worse or just having a bad day, I try to give it a week or two if I can to see what the trend is. this is very hard for me to do when I am feeling bad, but usually it takes me that long to get an appointment with the doctor anyway. so I guess I’d say if you’re still feeling the same way later in the week you might give your doc a call…

I am also in a bad short tempered mood today…it’s the pits.

hang in there,

Well, I seem to be in a better mood today. It may be that D. is working today, or maybe that getting that bad mood thing off my chest yesterday really payed off.

Just had a grilled chicken salad for lunch. Yummmy yum-yum.

yeah, getting it off yer chest always helps, or doing something. was feeling more depressed than i have in quite a while today, but took it out on the ol’ geetar and feel a lil better for it. for the record, i have taken meds, but i really didnt like the way they made me feel (felt kinda artificial) so i came straight back off…