I'm In LA!

Technically Santa Monica…but I’m here. Hello, Sunny California! And hello, Cali/SoCal Dopers!

It was a long journey made longer by a trip to the car dealer for some repairs. I got to spend a few days at friends’ houses and I rolled in last night at 10. I’m still on TX time but I should adjust …right about when we turn the clocks back. :smack:

I love the weather here; it beats the hell out of 100 and humid. I need to find a job, a better car and an apartment. (Probably in that order.) I’m up for a DopeFest once I get settled. Possibly sooner.

Loving LA,

I give you the key to the city. Welcome.
Where did you move from? What prompted this mad decision?

Seriously though, you’ve chosen one of the best areas to live in. Life in L.A. isn’t worth living if you’re not in a good neighborhood.

Man, you can get used to the weather REALLY fast. I looked at the calender the other day and started rummaging about for my coat (nowhere to be found) until I remembered that there’s NO NEED FOR A FALL COAT even though it’s October. I think I’ve even forgotten about gray days.

Only way I would leave would be if my parents asked me to come back to Boston. I do have a few co-workers that take every minute to slam any place Not California or at least, Not West but aside from the Sun Orbits Around California attitude, I’ve found it to be an amazing place to live and work.

Only complaint is that I miss the trees and New Englandiness but it’s always there for me to fly back to if I want it.

Oh, great, one MORE person on the 405 at commute time. :wink:

Welcome aboard! You’ll find that, no matter what you’ve been told, a lot of normal people live here, too.

Heh, people (not in my office because EVERYONE in my office lives out where I do) give me this really pitying look when I say I live in Pasadena but I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. Mountains, trees, nicer apartment than I would get out on the West side and FREE transportation to work. Plus my bf lives in NV so it’s a slightly shorter drive because it’s so easy to get on the 210 right away. Even if I move on to a private firm I would be hard-pressed to leave Pas.

I live not far from the OP, on the LA side of the Santa Monica/LA city limit. You might think living near the coast I’d be one of those people who turn up their noses at Pasadena, but it’s not true. I’d totally be willing to live there…nice downtown area, one or two world class museums, and now you’re connected to the metro system.

Pfft, speak for yourself there, bucko. :wink:

Welcome, davmilasav and best of luck getting yourself situated.


Get down to Ye Olde King’s Head (2nd & Santa Monica) and have fish’n’chips for me. Then go back again and have the bangers & mash. And have the ‘traditional English breakfast’ for me as well.

Now that you’re in L.A. you’re going to need a motorcycle. Remember that lane splitting is LEGAL in California. :smiley: (Man, I miss that!)

Those of us on the edge of the desert wish you welcome as well.

I lived in Lancaster and went to Quartz Hill High before moving to L.A. They are in L.A. County. :wink:

Welcome from over the hill in the Valley.

Howdy from Bakersfield! If you ever want some tri-tip, country music, and cows, we’re just a short drive away!

Glad you made it in one piece! The weather really is great, and we take it for granted, so it’s good to be reminded how lucky we are. Good luck settling in and I’ll hope a job turns up quick.

Hey, I work in Santa Monica! For the rest of the month, anyway. Howdy.

Welcome to LA from Glendale! I was just in Santa Monica this morning for an 8-mile run, it was lovely…as always.

Thanks, everybody! My hostess is busy with work & finals this week but she’s going to show me around the area as soon as she can. She’ll drive. I’m afraid to move my car b/c I’ll never get another parking space! The ratio of cars to spaces here seems to be about 8:1 if not worse.

We went out for Thai last night and we’re supposed to hit the beach later this afternoon. I’ll have to remember that the Pacific is not the Gulf and the water won’t be in the 80’s. Brrrrrrrr! :eek:

I’ve got 20 days to register the car. Is that hard to do here? I’ve got TX emissions and I hope I don’t need a retest for CA. This car has become my albatross; it’s bigger than I need and it gets a whopping 18 mpg.

I’ve had Natalee Thai, and it was good; only it was too fancy for me most of the time. Instead I’d call up Thai Beer and get three or four days worth of Thai food (Beef satay, pad see ew with chicken, spicy fried rice with chicken, beef pa naeng, and a couple of Thai ice teas) and eat Thai for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it was gone.

Versailles Cuban Restaurant (Venice Blvd.) has really good Cuban roast pork. It comes with white rice, black beans and fried bananas. When I lived there (two years ago) it was under eight bucks. That would last me two or three meals. I never acutally ate at the restaurant. I lived on Clarington so I’d just get it to-go. Never had to stand in the long weekend queues for a seat! :smiley:

Parking sucks most places. Santa Monica seems especially bad. You need a motorcycle. :wink:

At the Versailles order the half chicken with fried plantains. Cooked in lime juice and served with black beans and some mighty fine banana-type fruits. The line is half the fun!

I tried the chicken once. It was good, but I didn’t like it as much as the piggie. (I think the marinade is the same.)