I'm in love with Kiefer Sutherland

His voice, actually, since I’m hetero and all.

I don’t watch television much so I haven’t seen any episodes of 24 but I did see Phone Booth a few years ago where for 98% of the movie, all you get is his voice. Then in quick succession, The Sentinel and The Wild hit the dollar theater by me and K.S.'s voice was the best thing going for either one. (It certainly weren’t the screenplays or direction.)

Anyway, it’s not The Voice of God™ That franchise is still held by James Earl Jones, but he’s certainly on my list of Would Pay to Hear Read the Phonebook.

Anybody else we can put on that list?


Tom Waits. Some people might disagree, but I love his voice.
Sarah Vowell. I don’t think anyone would disagree with this choice.

Sam Elliot. Oh, his voice makes me purr.

Christopher Lee has a marvelous voice too. (But I also love his piercing eyes.)

I wouldn’t say Kiefer has the Voice of God. It’s more like the voice of the guy you would least want to fuck with, ever - but it’s perfect at what he uses it for. I also like his father’s voice.

I second Christopher Lee. I think he’s even surpassed Patrick Stewart in my Most Awesome Voice Ever category. He sounds like he’s singing when he speaks.

If anyone, it would’ve been his grandfather, Tommy Douglas who had the voice of god: Baptist minister, politician, “father of medicare” voted “The Greatest Canadian”. :slight_smile:

Too true. But in my defense, Marley I specifically said he didn’t have the Voice of God, James Earl Jones does.
Oh, yes, Flipstrip, Sam Elliot by all means. It must have been eight years ago I saw Gettysburg but I instantly flashed back to he, as General John Buford, predicting how the battle would unfold if his cavalry did not push the Rebel vanguard back:

Perfect lines; perfect reading.

My girlfriend sounds like Sarah Vowell. Doesn’t look like her at all though. However, she rarely likes to talk on the phone when she sounds her most Sarah Vowellishness.

Note to self: See “Gettysburg.”