I'm in love

I don’t know if anyone else has had a similar experience, but this was mine. Presumably made possible by my relative youth, I wasn’t aware of the column’s existence until last night.

I was originally searching for information on the link between Disney and antisemitism, when I stumbled across this column and archive. That was around 8:00 PM. When I discovered that this site was a treasure-trove of concise, thorough, and well-written answers to not only this question but also many others of similar fascination to me, I remained glued to my monitor reading the last 10 years of columns until, get this, 7:00 AM.

I promptly awoke at 1 PM to continue gorging on what remained of Cecil’s 20th century exploits. This is exactly the type of information I CRAVE, delivered in an ideal format and medium. Long story short, I think I’m in love.

Welcome to the Dope! Stick around and have some fun. The others will be here soon for the [del]initiation[/del]weclome wagon!

Welcome, sawdee. I had a similar experience back in 2003, when I searched the internet looking to confirm that Hitler had only one testicle, and found this column. Stayed up all night reading columns, and devoured each new column like a starving man at a feast.

I discovered the message boards a couple of years later, and developed a similar addiction.

You have been warned.

Looks like you are already enjoying the forum. I apologize for my ignorance above–you won’t get the full welcome party unless you announce yourself in MPSIMS (Mundane Pointless Things I Must Share). That’s one of the least serious forums. But, in my opinion, it is the one with the highest sense of community.