I'm In The Market For A New Cat

Having finally cleared it with my landlady (it was easy, I just asked) I’m going to get a pet. About time, since it’s getting really lonely in this house. I’ll start looking at shelters and rescues here, in Albuquerque this weekend, and maybe down in El Paso sometime as well. I want a chance to meet the cat and let it find me, at least I hope it’ll work that way. I’d like another calico, but I’m open-minded. I’m afraid there will be no pictures as I don’t have a camera. Any suggestions for finding that perfect pet?

She will find you. It’s very Zen. If you try, you will not find. Be open to the world of Cat, and your chosen Master will find you.

Your cat will live longer if it’s a strictly indoor cat. Have you considered adopting two cats? Brother and sister kittens grow up together and keep each other company when you are gone.

We have three spoiled rotten cats. We had our first one for several years before we got his little brother and sister. All are adopted mutts. Every cat receives his or her share of loving and playing everyday. We play with them individually and together. All three are happy cats, each with their own distinct personalities, quirks and moods. I cannot understate the necessity of daily interactions with them. It builds up their self-confidence and independence, yet at the same time makes them part of the larger family. All three are there to greet us when we come home. All three enjoy company while they eat, often with a back scratch at the same time. (The older one will go so far as to bite ankles when he wants company at his dinner spot. He will not stop until I get up from whatever I’m doing and walk into the kitchen with him.)

As I type this, the littlest one has entered the room with her crying voice and her favorite toy (a tiny inch and a half diamter foam Nerf disk) in her mouth. I must pause here for fifteen minutes of fetch with her. Yes, with a cat. Her brother loves those trendy rubber ID Bracelets.

I have six cats that are driving me crazy at the moment. I will happily send you a couple…or six.

Another idea is Petfinder .

Instead of a “new cat,” why not look around for a good second-hand one? :smiley:

If you’re going to be near Tucson at all any time soon, I have a litter of three formerly feral kittens who are turning out to be the sweetest cats you ever met. I took them in without any experience socializing kittens, but they’re responding amazingly well and are now nearly ready to be adopted. They’re seven weeks old and cute as the dickens. I can’t keep them myself, unfortunately, so I need to find a good home or homes. One is a fluffy tuxedo cat, one short-haired black and white, and one black and fluffy.

I agree with the advice about letting the kitty pick you. And I hope you’ll consider an adult cat too. They have a harder time finding homes, and they’re a lot easier to deal with than kittens.

I’m glad you get to have a pet–congrats!

If things don’t work out at porridj’s house, The Cat To Be Named Later is a cutie…

If possible, adopt two cats. They are much better adjusted (and groomed) when they have a buddy to keep them company.

I have to add my recommendation to using Petfinder, as that is how we found our current overlord. We basically looked at a bunch of pictures of cats in our area and then drove to the shelters and looked at them specifically, along with other cats as well. We ended up getting a cat we looked at a picture of, so it worked out just fine. Not to say that i would go about picking a pet on looks alone, but given the information that petfinder gives you, along with the picture, can really help to give you an idea of who you are meeting when you go, and gives you a clear idea of what a particular shelter has to offer. Concerning the specifics of adopting a kitten/adult, if you are willing to adapt and help a cat adapt to its’ new home, adult cats are great because they already understand all the basics (like the all important litterbox). At any rate, good luck with your pet search.

I could build you one from the wads of cat hair that came up when I shampooed the carpet today. :slight_smile:

We’ve never had fewer than two cats. My daughter has one and he yells at her when she gets home from work. I think he’s lonely. She thinks he just likes to yell.

Just remember – nobody here will be upset with you if you come home with two.

Well, that depends on how much they piss you off!

I agree with the others who recommend letting the cat choose you and I also strongly recommend visiting a pet shelter first. Quite regularly cats and kittens get dumped at these places, and these shelters are always overflowing with an influx of felines especially when it’s kitten season. Every cat that “owned” my family when I was growing up was from an animal shelter, including the current queen of the house, Sophie, who treats my husband and I like beanbags.

Lastly, congratulations on your new kitty - don’t forget, you must have pics for us when you adopt your furry baby!

Just how old does a cat have to be to consider it an adult cat?

I think it’s from 6 months onwards - although I’m sure someone will correct me if I’m wrong.

My Sophie was 9months old when I got her, and she was classed as an adult. So I’m guessing between 6 and 9 months.

Okay, I now own a cat. Or it owns me. Or however it works out. It’s a gray and white male, about 1 year old, who was rescued a couple weeks ago by a workmate of my mother’s from an arroyo in Albuquerque. Looks like he was dumped as he was already neutered and declawed (front claws only.) But he’s really sweet and mellow, not feral at all. Sorry, no pictures, as I don’t have a digital camera. Only thing he needs now is a name. He was being called Shadow Dancer, which is an awful name and makes me think of an 80s pop song or a prestige class in D&D. Shadow I might be able to live with, but I see no need to name him too quickly. He’s settled in a room of my parents’ house and will be coming with me down to Las Cruces on Monday. Here’s hoping he doesn’t mind the 3.5 hour car ride. I’m thinking just a nice normal name, like Bill or something.

Actually, I think Bill is a great name for a cat. Or George.

[Johnny Cash] Bill or George, anything but Sue! [/Johnny Cash]

Seriously, I think it is just wonderful you have adopted someone who needed a home. May both of you have many happy years full of love together!!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Shadow’s a fine name.

Well, I got him home and the only way I could get any peace after about ten miles was to stop in Los Lunas, put his leash on (I had put him into his harness several hours earlier trying to get him used to it) and tied him to the passenger seat so that he could pretty much move around on the seat but not get any further. So I finally got him into the house and he seems to be taking it pretty well but I can’t figure out why he keeps going back under the bed. Oh well, maybe he’ll break out of it eventually in a day or two when he finally gets used to it.

Stupid cat woke me up at 5 AM. Apparently, because the sun was up, it was time for the birds to be up, which meant it was time for the cat to be up, which meant it was time for me to get up.