I'm joining the Freemasons

That’s it…I’m joining the Freemasons. It is exactly the thing for me. I’ve always wanted to be part of a society with its own history, tradition, and rituals, and participate in it not as a joke or to “have fun” but actually out of a sense of propriety and duty. This society is one of the oldest in the world, and its membership rolls read like a who’s who of history’s great leaders and intellectuals, and yet now it (and other societies) have fewer members than ever, and practically no young people.

I am 19 years old, I’m interested in history and theology, I have nothing to do with any kind of youth culture or anti-intellectual “just have a good time” mindset, I want the purpose and meaning in life, I agree with the non-sectarian intelligent design belief of Freemasonry, I want to get to know some of the “great generation” before it passes on, and I have a history of Freemasonry in my family.

In other words, I would make an ideal infusion of desperately-needed new blood into the Freemasons. There is a lodge here and tomorrow I am going to it and inquiring about how to join. Wish me luck.

I don’t know if you’re located in the US, but American Mason says:

Alright then. I’ll do it as soon as I am allowed to. In the meantime I’ll learn as much as I can about the history and traditions.

Good on ya. Sounds like you’re just the sort of young man they need. I think it’s a great organization, BTW, 'cept for that part about not letting me join 'cause I have girly bits! :smiley:

Order of the Eastern Star has similar objectives and is open to women.

Actually, I know a mason, and as I recall him telling me, there is a kind of order open to teenagers.

I hope you will continue in your intent; I think but am not positive that some grand lodges have lowered the age requirements. If not, another two years isn’t that long and you will never regret your membership.

At first look at this title I thought it said “Free Manson” as in Charles Manson. Boy was I suprised!

When you are about to formally join, some of your soon-to-be brothers might give you a coin or medallion, and tell you to have it with you for the ceremony. It’s a friendly joke. Take the coin, but don’t take it into the ceremony.

Once you’re a Master Mason, if you have a flair for the dramatic, you might want to volunteer to memorize part of the ritual. The speech to the Fellowcraft about architecture is an elegant piece of prose. When it’s done well, it’s beautiful.

Waitaminute! First you want us to help you get over your paranoia and now you’re telling us you’re joining the Illuminati?

Which side are you on and have you driven a fnord lately?

Why would they give it to me if they didn’t want me to have it at the ceremony?

You only need ask. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t see any reason to be paranoid about the Masons, and I don’t even know for sure what the “illuminati” is, but if it is as powerful as they say, I might as well work with it.

What are all the ‘secret’ organizations?



Help me out.

The age for joining the Masons varies with locality. Where is the OPer located?

Oh, priceless. Don’t get me started on DeMolay. My 12 year old nephew was sucked into those people’s claws.

I ask what he does when he goes away with total strangers ( all men ) for a weekend. He says it’s a secret. No shit. A secret? I ask his parents. They say it’s private and they cannot know. No shit. A private secret weekend get-away for adult men and 12 year old boys. Uh huh. F****rs.

I called his Youth Leader, and was directed to the State Youth Leader in Pennsylvania for DeMolay. I asked him two or three very pointed questions pertaining to activities, supervision and whatnot. I was given in return the biggest loads of shit one can possibly imagine ( and no answers whatsoever ). I called the guy on his shit, and his tone turned cold and he informed me that he had nothing to tell me. That it was private.

Private. Between the men and the boys. Oh yeah? F***rs.

So I called the Pennsylvania Attorney General’s office, and lo and behold I find out that I am not the first adult to call and ask about these jokers. They’ve got quite a file on them. Why? Because it’s 1996 ( at the time ) and not 1352 and men who dig taking 12 year old boys away for a weekend of “secret and very private” activities can expect to answer to the Attorney General.

F****rs. Again, lest we miss the subtle point, pedophile lying secretive bastards.

Yes, I do believe that covers it. Oh, wait- we have DeMolay fans reading? EXCELLENT. Do be good honest moral upstanding adults and answer the questions that nobody in DeMolay was permitted to answer. :slight_smile: Anyone who is game, sound up and I will be oh so incredibly happy to outline every single query that was refused by The Youth Leader of Demolay for Pennsylvania.

Otherwise, well… who is worse? The pedophile or the other adults who cover for him? Hmmmm ?

You wanna join a private secret special society when you are 21 and an adult and entirely responsible for your actions? Right the heck on, welcome to America. You want to run a private society for underage boys that refuses to disclose ANYTHING about your rituals, behaviors, activities or whereabouts when travelling with other people’s boys? Then, we gotta problem.

As for my nephew, this was a few years ago. He got out, but it was NOT easy. Apparently whatever they did to him and with him, to this day he is too frightened to discuss it. Some fuckin’ social service organization. I might suggest that it insults the Knights of Columbus, Lions, Rotary Club and American Legion to be lumped in with the Freemasons and their underage boys club, DeMolay. :frowning:


And no, I am not afraid of the Freemasons or Illuminati . They truly have no idea how well they are watched, Temple by Temple and group by group. :slight_smile:

When you shed sunlight on filth, it’s much easier to identify and expose for all to see. Dark rituals are for consenting adults. Not for children.

Pity that’s not a part of the Freemason Message…

One wonders how the multitude of kids who have passed through DeMolay ever survived. Besides which, if the kid’s parents were okay with it, WTFB was of yours?

Well, back before we had to really don our foil head coverings to participate in this thread, I was attempting a joke. Here are the Master’s words on the topic.

Find a child who is willing to tell his parents everything he has been told about DeMolay. In detail. Leaving nothing out.

As for your question, I’m trying to figure out a way to answer it without insulting you, since it’s a good question. Shall we say that my level of parental concern for my nephew approached the norm, whereas both of his parents were fairly… disinterested? Yes. That’s an accurate yet polite way to say it. :frowning: