I'm Lonely Tonight

My husband is sick, my family far away and all my friends are busy. I’m caught up on my knitting and I’m stuck in a couple of books that I’m not real interested in pushing through at the moment. There’s nothing worth watching on TV and besides, it’s human contact that I crave.

Can you guys be my company?

Certainly. I’m sick today, too - I’m just putting in time until I can take my cough medicine and pass out in bed. I do have good tv, though - we get “Supernatural” on Wednesdays here. :slight_smile:

How about some virtual chicken soup? I make a mean one. :slight_smile:

Well, I’ll try and entertain you via your stomach:

I had my sausage burgers (version 2) tonight: lean ground beef mixed with Jimmy Dean sausage. This time I added double the chili powder and added garlic salt.

I also didn’t cook it as long this time (concerned last time with fully cooking the sausage).

I added a toasted bun, lettuce, American cheese and grilled onion with ketchup. The taste was great and it was just enough juicy.

That was a good 4 hours ago and still I crave it.

Hope my little post consumed a few minutes of your time.

sparky!, I’m not sure how much you’ve helped my loneliness, but you’ve sure made me hungry. :stuck_out_tongue:


Explain what you’d love to see out your window each morning while you drank coffee.

I’m more of a hot chocolate girl, but I’d love to see some deep snow and cardinals. Since I live in Texas, that’s not that likely though. However, it’d be a lovely sight and it would make me think of all the Christmas lights that I’d surely see later on that night.

Thanks for hanging out with me y’all. And on that note, I think I’m going to bed. G’night.

Sausage burgers, eh? Sounds good!

My goodness. I think I bored you to sleep!

Back where I come from, that’d be a sex crime!

I’ve seen way too many 30 Rocks.

Deep snow? Check.

Cardinals? Check. (Well, one, anyway.)

Random picture from the internet…

Hey, how about I play some of my antique music boxes with Christmas music?

http://cuteoverload.com/ Whenever you feel down. It is new every day.

I would be a bit worried about the salt content - how about instead of garlic salt some thoroughly smashed fresh garlic, and instead of chili powder how about some sharp or half sharp paprica? or maybe ground ancho and sweet smoked paprica?

I was already in bed when you posted this, or I would have kept you company. :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for making me feel better. It’s good to know I have my Doper friends out there.

Not deep snow here, but there is some snow. And the neighbors across the street have Christmas lights. We have our electric menorah with its blue light bulbs.

Others have offered the outside comfort with snow scenes and such.

So look outside virtually with them and put your tosies here for indoor comfort.

Have a song