I'm look for words that describe love between greek gods and mortals and mortals and ghosts.


I’m reading “The Greek Myths” by Robin Waterfield. I’m looking for words that describe love between gods and mortals (eg. Zeus and Alcmene) and mortals and ghosts( eg.Laodamia and the ghost of Protesilaus). What about love between gods? I expect there are such words but I have not been able to find them online. I look forward to your feedback.

No help here, but good question.

It doesn’t work out well sometimes, all’s I know.

I assume you mean the Greek principle of agape as opposed to philia..

I think I posted a topic a long time ago asking why two titans, one male and one female, can bump uglies and give birth to…a god.

You’d think they would produce a baby titan, so a lot of this old mythology is lacking logic.

Actually I’m looking for different form of eros: Eros between gods, between gods and mortals and between gods and ghosts.

Agape, you say? That’s… sweet. But, um, no. Not to get too far into adult territory here, but love between a Greek god and a human isn’t exactly like love between the Christian God and a human. It’s usually a bit more hands-on, if you know what I mean. I think you want to look more at the Eros variety.

As for the OP, I don’t know if there is a specific term, but spectrophilia is apparently a thing. :wink:

I’m tempted to say “theophilia” for passion between gods and mortals. Not sure, though.