I'm looking for a fast strobe microlight, and possibly if there is a way to activate them when in pr

I’m look for a microlight that would probably be the middle ground of a dropz 4 in strobe mode and your traditional 3 color strobes. I give light shows, and one of the last raves I went to my gloves were caught in a strobe light for a short period of time. I like the effect, and I’m trying to recreate it and incorporate it in my shows. The problem is I can’t find a light that looks like it would go at the proper speed to create that “slow mo” effect. Do you know of a light that’s the right strobe speed I’m looking for?

I also had a pretty cool idea. I’ve heard of some guy whose conjuring lights could turn on and off when they touched each other using magnets somehow. Would there be a way to make these lights activate only when close to each other using the same concept?

Same kind of switches as alarm systems use.

Dude… try whatever acid it was that you were dosed with at the rave you were at when u saw the light… that might answer your question…just sayin!:wink: