I'm looking for a freezer...

Or perhaps a fridge that will adjust it’s temperature to just below the point at which liquid drinks such as water, beer, and spirits would freeze.

Anyone have or know of something like this they could recommend?


Actually I should not have listed “spirits” in there and hope the thread doesn’t derail into what it would take to freeze these types of drinks >_< I guess really I should just be asking about water.

You can’t find a freezer? Or are you looking for a specific recommendation on one?

All the small freezers I have found have no way to adjust the temperature low enough to not freeze water.

We’d like to help. BUt your sentences don’t make sense. Please take a few minutes and describe in a paragraph or two what goal you’re trying to accomplish. This isn’t an IM and one sentence back and forth is a very ineffective way to get help.

Your first post says you want a cooler which will freeze water. The post just above mine says you want a cooler which will not freeze water. Which is it?

Also, beer & water freeze at very different temperatures. Which are you trying to freeze or not freeze?

For example “I like my beer almost frozen, border line slushy. I want a cooler whch keeps beer just like that.” or maybe “I like my beer as cold as it can be without slush. but I also need to keep food frozen and make ice cubes , so I need the temp to be somewhere below 32 degrees F / 0 degrees C”.

Okay. Sorry I was confused about the wording of it. I read “Just below the point” to mean just under freezing point. You want something that won’t freeze your drinks.

Well, all modern fridges have temperature adjustment. Buy a small dorm fridge and just turn it all the way down. It may take some experimenting to find just the right setting you want, but it should do the trick.

I can’t really tell what you’re looking for, either.

If I turn the temp down far enough on my regular refrigerator, the surface of whatever I have in there will freeze, whether it’s the iced tea in the pitcher or the cucumbers or the steaks. My fridge goes down to at least just freezing at 32F if not 30F, and it’s at least 20 years old. I would think whatever refrigerator you already have, unless it’s older, would do the same.

So, just adjust your refrigerator to be colder. And get a thermometer made for refrigerators so you know how cold it is in there.

It’s not so you can freeze out the water, concentrating the alcohol, is it?