I'm looking for a laptop under $700 and I don't want to get screwed...

Okay, so I’m skeptical.

I’m a student and I want to buy a computer under 700$ that is going to be somewhat reliable. any ideas? what should I be getting for around this price? I am slowly seeing how hard it is to buy a computer online

I’ve already got a laptop but I still want to get screwed. Unless something has been lost in the translation.

Check a local, non-chain computer store. Or, goto a refurbished.comm type of website, or apple.com, dell.com, or other major computer sellers have refurbished and certified sales areas on their websites that change daily. Check those out as well.

If you want to go new, www.hp.com has a ze4800 series notebook for $799 with free shipping. The specs are below. This would be a good new starter notebook. Note that I went to the HP Pavillion notbooks and selected ze4800 series. If this is too steep a price, look at the refurbished machines on www.dell.com and www.hp.com and you should get a good deal. The big retailers, (Staples, Best Buy, Circuit City, Frys) have sales weekly. If any of them are selling AMD -M systems you can get more bang for your buck picking one up over an equally priced Celeron.
Processor AMD Athlon™ XP-M 2600+ 2.00 GHz edit
Operating System Microsoft® Windows® XP Home Edition edit
Memory 256MB DDR SDRAM (1x256MB) edit
Hard Drive 30 GB 4200 RPM Hard Drive edit
Primary CD/DVD Drive DVD/CDRW Combo Drive edit
Networking Built in 56K Modem+10/100 LAN edit
Display 14.1" TFT XGA (1024 x 768) edit
Graphics Card ATI Mobility Radeon™ edit
Productivity Software Microsoft® Works/Money edit
Primary Battery 8 Cell Lithium Ion Battery edit

An HP refurb is available at This site
C23129-999-BB4Y NX9010 2.8P4/40G/256M/CD/15TFT/WL/XPP $799
Dell has some refurbished Celerons from $755-$850.

Good luck

I’m going to vote against refurbished computers. Most likely, your computer is going to be one that was ordered and never shipped for whatever reason (in effect, a brand new computer), but you also run the chance that it was returned after being dropped or something. You can’t know how the previous owner handled the thing and, especially if it’s a laptop, it could have been damaged and sent back to the manufacturer who just slapped some new parts on to clear up the obvious problems (i.e. does it turn on?).

I bought a refurbished desktop and it took two weeks of making a voodoo doll of Michael Dell before I got the freakin’ thing working. Fuckers wanted to charge me like another $100+ to ship the thing back. Forutnately, by the time they were done fixing it, I had an essentially new computer.

Save yourself the aggrivation and get a new one.

I think that you probably can get a notebook in this price range but it will more than likely involve rebates and such. There are 2 websites which I look at when in the market for tech items. Check out Spoofee and Techbargains daily and certainly through the weekend. Here is one deal from Dell on a notebook for $699.00. Personally, I would not buy a Celeron processor. I would look for an AMD powered machine for the best price. Don’t forget to scan the local newspapers through the weekend and use price matching to your advantage.