I'm looking for a new cell phone service

I have a cell phone currently. However, I’m tired of paying $40 a month for something I don’t use that often. I’ll bet I don’t even used it for 15-20 minutes a month most of the time, and maybe an hour once a year (per month).

What I’m looking for is something that has nation wide service. I travel a lot and like to be able to make calls all over the nation. Currently mine is pretty good, I can get service in the middle of North Dakota no problem and would like to continue that.

I have seen that AT&T has a rate of $20 a month for 30 mintues. I’m not sure how much of the nation the cover though and I do travel everywhere. However, I was wondering if there are any services that you pay by minute, maybe even up to a buck a minute would be cheaper then what I pay now if there are no other charges.

I’m not interested in a good phone either, don’t need anything excpet for a contact list, games etc are all not needed, though I think a folding phone would be good if it was cheap as the one I have now tends to turn on while in my motorcycle bags and I’ve run out of battery in the middle of nowhere which is no good either.

Also does anyone know what’s up with some of the plans? I wanted to stay with Verizon, but the next step down from my plan has 30 minutes, no weekends etc and it’s $35, now why would anyone do that?

I would also think about satellite phones if I knew anything about them. I am also thinking of going to Europe for a month in the spring so I would like to hear about plans in Europe. I will be traveling all over but would probably want an Irish number as my friend has one.


I have been a customer for a couple of years and I think it’s exactly what you are looking for, my phone bill runs about $12.00 a month.