I'm looking for Loriot's "Dramatischen Werke" or "Gesammelte Werke" in French.


I’m looking for Loriot’s “Dramatischen Werke” or “Gesammelte Werke” in French. His works are very entertaining in German, but I haven’t been able find them in French. They must be available somewhere. Perhaps someone can help me further.
I look forward to your feedback

It doesn’t seem so. It shouldn’t be so surprising that his works haven’t been translated in French.

As far as I know Vicco von Bülow’s Loriotwas not translated from German into French.

Only thing dubbed into French is Pappa ante Portas, I’m pretty sure they also dubbed Ödipussi but I can’t find it.

If you understand German, just watch it in German, it allafter German humor is. :slight_smile:

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Thanks Doughbag. Thank you all. Very helpful. I’m teaching myself French and Loriot’s works would be ideal material to learn it if they were in French. I’ve listened to them in German and read his Dramtische Werke. They’re off-the-wall hilarious,