I'm looking for software that can dtermine the tempo of music.

No, I’m not talking about a metronome. What I’m talking about is some sort of software or add-on that I can use to scan my iTunes folder and determine the tempo of each piece of music in the folder. What I want to do is be able to sort my music by tempo. I know that BPM is something I can enter in the info in iTunes, but I have nearly 3000 files. Entering each one will take days.

Anyone know of some software, or an iPhone or KindleFire app that can do this?

For a little app, try bpm.

Here’s another

bpm works pretty well, just tag as you go. I use Pro Tools to do this for production work in the studio, but this is pretty accurate and I use it for quick beatmapping on my mobile/tablet.

Thanks for that bpm analyzer. That looks exactly like the sort of thing I’m looking for. I will install and play with it a bit tomorrow.

The first link was a manual tapper, impractical for anything more than a few songs. I tried bpm analyzer from Mixmeister (the second link) and it got a lot of songs wrong… automatic analysis probably looks at the waveform and doesn’t always find the “beat” that humans would, meaning some minor sound in the background could be mistaken for the main tempo of the track.

Instead it might more sense to look up manually curated BPM databases like echonest’s – basically a big metadata database about songs. There are programs out there like this one (never used it) that will go through your library and tag songs with these curated BPMs. That MIGHT be more useful…?