I'm losing sleep with this (re: The Golden Girls)

The supposed picture of the young Estelle Getty (who happens to be my favorite) is alternately described in various sites to be that of Myrna Loy (and I had hoped in my heart that it was Estelle.) Any link to certified pictures of Estelle while young?

There are more conclusive pics of all four then but Estelle looks already advanced in age. Like this:

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That is absolutely Myrna Loy.

Yep, Myrna Loy.

Interesting that a Google search on “Estelle Getty young” produces not only that photo of Myrna Loy but several others. There are, however, some other young photos that are probably Estelle Getty.

There are a couple on this page, if you scroll down past Myrna Loy. There are also some younger pictures of the other Golden Girls, including two (apparent) mug shots of Bea Arthur (2 different occasions, different age and hairstyle in each). Apparently, she was about 5’10" tall.

Correction: the younger “mug shot” was actually when she enlisted in the Marines Women’s Corp in WWII.

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