I'm nobby and I love my kitty!

Good evening.

I’m sat here playing fetch with my seven month old kitten (She likes nothing more than to make small balls of paper and have them thrown for her) i’m turning into a cat person. Not in the half breed Andrew Lloyd Webber sense.

I may have to stand up in a circle of people and confess “My name is Nobby and I prefer cats”

Growing up I had never really had much contact with cats they didn’t seem to like me and I wasnt going to complain. Dogs on the other hand see me as some for of doggy diety. For this reason my parents bought me a dog when I was twelve (he’s still allive and a rather healthy twelve himself, if somewhat over fed)

So I thought my first pet would be a dog, little did I know the gods of small fury animals would bowl me a spinner. As i’m going to be working away for four months at a time come september. My better half loves cats and as a substitute for a baby we wern’t planning (Which of course is now due in November :smiley: ) I bought a Kitten.

Rizzo as we called her, was three months at the time so all nice and house trained, bit of a scruffy bugger mind. Since she came into the house she has decided she loves me more than anything, its touching, she strokes my face at night (that freaked me out at first) purrs at my enterence to the room and is more effectionate than a dog. I can safely say i’m on the turn, I love Kitties!

Oh, man. Forget it. Look, I;'m not much of one for cats but around here they will string you up if you don’t immediately post pictures of cats the second you mention one.

Oh damn. I mentioned cats and didn’t post any pics!

:ducks and runs:

I am Lobby, and I love my kitty!
I have a juvenile manx cat named ‘katie’ and I love her to bits. She’s the most mischeivous cat I’ve ever known. But she’s a gem.

I have always been a cat person and whenever I say that or think it I can’t help feeling like Blofeld. Especially when I consider the loathing I have for dogs.

You know, don’t you, Corporal, that all this kitty-loving business will pretty much kill your chances of promotion to Sergeant. Sergeants love their Army, their country, and nothing else living on Og’s green earth. 'Specially not kitties.

You ever met Sam?

Oh no and I’m a sailor! cats in the navy are never good, can never quite remeber the name of the bosun’s cat??? Love my country though, even if it is blighted by the Big Yellow Shinney Thingey!

As for Rizzo she be sleeping on my knee at the moment dreaming of mice and such like.

I’m afraid I’m knew to posting “My name is Nobby and i’m also a long time lurker.” Oh a multitude of sins. So I don’t know how to post pictures. Sorry.

7 posts and not a single picture? Head are gonna roll!

Oh, and welcome, Corporal_Nobbs.

Well, I forgive you. Everyone else may not. :slight_smile: Welcome to the boards, fellow Pratchett lover!

(If you really are Nobby, let’s see your chit that says you really are a human.)

She must be related to my Misty. Misty doesn’t play fetch-she plays catch. She likes to catch them in her paws, or bat them back at you.

The cat swallowed it! honest!

(Thank you for all the welcome messages)

Perhaps they are cousins, Rizzo is a complete fetcher, Gun-Dog in cat form!

Hey Nobbs.

No problem, kitties are cool.

I probably over-represent Cuervo here, just because he’s the baby. But too bad, he’s a special boy, so here is a nice one of him (he’s the orange one) next to his big brother and bestest friend in the world, Marty.

Evil, Fat Scarlett , while being evil, and fat, is a beautiful cat, and that’s my current favorite picture of her.

And yes…waiting for the chit. ::taps foot::

Mr Bus Guy, I’ve fed Rizzo some prunes hopefully the chit, yes the chit, will be waiting in the littler box in the mornng. Love the pictures, but my cat has a pink pirate bandanna! beat that :cool:

“Yarr, why is the catnip always gone?”

Mr Bus Guy, what in the world are you feeding Cuervo? He was just a tiny dainty little scrap of kitten and now…well…look at him! He’s huge! And handsome, yes you are a handsome orange boy!

He’s still a baby at heart. And I am still his “mommy”. I’ve been hanging around here tonight, in SDMB-land, and trying to get some work done, but he’d much rather I let him play “attack the hand”, so I think that means it’s time to get off the Dope and get some cat time in…

Hmm, so dogs want to eat you (“doggy diety”) and your kit was sent to you by the god of small “fury” animals? I’d worry if I were you, but you sound remarkably cheerful about it, I must say. :slight_smile: And a baby arriving too, just when you had preemptively replaced a baby with the little kit. Hahaha. The world has mad timing.

Welcome to the S.D.M.B. :slight_smile: I’m sure we can always do with another Pratchett fan. (Especially another one from the right side of the Atlantic :smiley: )

I always was more used to dogs than cats too, but you know how it is when you meet a little stray cat, then catfood starts jumping off the supermarket shelves into the basket … Oh well, I’m not allowed to have a dog in my flat anyway. (Nor should I have had a cat for the last ten years, come to that, but don’t tell anyone).

Welcome again. You can not directly post pictures here, but you can put them on a blog, or a website if you have one, or use a free picture-hosting thingy like Photoshop or Imageshack, then post a link to it.

I thought we already had a Corporal Nobbs here? Well, he must be okay if he likes kitties. Welcome, Nobby!

I haven’t figured out how to upload pics from my phone yet so I don’t have any of my latest, Luna, but she looks like her slightly older “brother” in this picture. Except she has two good eyes and they are slightly crossed. Popeye (aka Pi) is now several months old, much bigger than in the pictures . He’s long and lean and his stripes and points are much darker.

He fell in love with Luna when I was brought her home temporarily to nurse her back to health from flea anemia. Since all my other cats hate him and won’t play with him, I decided to keep her for him. So now she’s permanent. They are almost inseperable and they look so much alike they could be from the same parents but different litters.

Pi is always waiting at the door for me when I get home and now Luna is always there, too. At least she hasn’t picked up his habit of sticking his nose in my ear and sniffing loudly. She just attacks my feet when I’m sleeping.
And since this is the SDMB, I must also post the pic of Marlee, my white blue-eyed, deaf cat (which you can’t tell by the pic). Here she is reading an appropriate thread on the Dope.