I'm not coming back

During a safety meeting yesterday we were asked if we knew where the fire extinguishers were. I replied at the end of the hall. You don’t really expect me to come back if I make it that far. She laughed and said no.

I don’t know where the extinguishers are, but I know the emergency exit is right next to my desk, so screw the rest of you.

I always found it amusing that at a previous place of employment, the fire extinguishers were supplied by Marx Brothers.

At my old employer there was an evacuation map involving you walking through the halls in a designated way and exiting the building at a specific exit where you could congragate at a specific zone of the parking lot.

As I had a first floor office with an external window I was always quick to point out, in the various fire safety evacuation meetings, something along the lines of “No offense folks, but if there’s a fire my filing cabinet is going out the window, then so am I. Maybe after that I’ll walk around to Zone B Parking Lot C if I feel it’s safe to do so.”

What comes out of them, meringue?

I was thinking seltzer. Which would kind of work for some fires, I guess.

He’s got a point…

Right. Not blocking…first in line.