I'm not diabetic (*whew*)

So in case anyone who read my earlier posts in interested, I went to the doctor, and she ran a few tests, and said I’m not diabetic. She did draw some blood to check my A1C again, and gave me a new schedule for doing my fingersticks. She said I probably had more spikes in the past than I realized, they just passed very quickly, and so I didn’t catch them.

She also said if I think that a diabetic diet is keeping the margins of my highs and lows closer, that’s a good thing, and if I want to stick to it, she’ll send me to a dietician; in the meantime, she gave me the outline of a better-structured diet then the one I was just kind of guessing at based on internet info and remembered information about working with a diabetic client 15 years ago.

My blood sugar is staying pretty much between 85 and 110, mostly around 90. The closest thing I’ve had to a spike in the last week was 128-- high for me, but not really high.

My doctor also said that my BMI is in the normal range, but it’s pushing right against the top range, so if I want to try to lose about 10lbs., it wouldn’t hurt. It might happen anyway, when the weather is nice, now that I can walk all I want because I got my back fixed. I’m not really sure what the best approach is-- maybe I should just go on a bike ride every day for about 20 minutes, not to any place in particular, in addition to doing more walking, to the store, and soforth, or maybe I should get a Fitbit or just a pedometer, and try to hit some kind of goal in my daily activities, and then make up for shortages by riding my bike in the evening if I need to.

I’m going back in three months for the doctor to check my glucometer data.


Well missed your original post on the topic but why are you continuing the finger prickers?

10 pounds? Seems sort of moot, in a way

Congrats on the diagnosis! :slight_smile:

Glad to hear this, RivkahChaya. It means there’ll be years more of posts from you. I always read your contributions with pleasure. :slight_smile:

Tell your loved ones to stop calling you “sweet pea.”