I'm not expecting any takers, but I'll ask

Present situation:
I am needing a new vehicle. I am wanting a bike. Why? It’s fuel efficient, inexpensive, and fun. The bike I want (SV650) will come to less than $190/mo (ins. included.) which is well under my spending limit ($300.)

Present dilemma:
I need a loan. I need a co-signer for the loan. I’ve asked my dad, and even though he’s a die-hard biker (has owned at least 3 since I was born,) he won’t co-sign a loan for me. I will ask his parents in the near future if they will co-sign, but I am not expecting great results.

I’ve been riding dirtbikes since I was 7-8 yrs old. I’m no ‘newbie’ to 2 wheeled vehicles. I am new, however, to streetbikes. I am confident in myself, and I am not irresponsible (much any more.) I am planning to take a MSF course as soon as possible, and I am planning to buy all the protective gear. I’ve picked out a helmet, gloves. I have a leather coat. I also have leather pants, but I don’t really plan on wearing those on the bike just yet. I am also planning to join the AMA. And, finally, I will be getting a promotion (fingers crossed) within the next 2 weeks that will almost double my paycheck. Money is not a problem.

Current Query:
Is there anyone (preferably either Austin or Dallas area) that would be willing to help me? I guarantee that I will not default on the loan, and there will be no obligation on your part. If you require certain terms, I am willing to negotiate, and sign a legally binding contract with you, if need be.

I am getting desperate. I have been wanting a streetbike since I was 16, and now I have a chance. My fiancée is with me on this, and she has her own bike picked out (Suzuki Savage.) If you are willing to lend a hand to a recently shaved head and bring a smile to his world, please email him(me) at tmcelroy@hot.rr.com

I’ll sign anything. Just give me a loan!

<hahahaha, i tell ya, if this works we’ll be set for life!>

I feel fer ya’ but how cans ya come on to a message board and expect someone to co-sign for you? If you guarentee not to default why won’t your parents do it fer ya? If you are going to get yourself a promotion soon just wait till you get it save some money and make a nice down payment on the damn thing.

I realize your desperate but this is just abouts beyond desperation. Think about it here buddy would you be willing to sign a co-sign for someone you didn’t know and have never even talked to in real life? Just strikes me as odd if you parents won’t even co-sign for ya.