I'm not going anywhere!

Let’s see, posters going to San Diego, Alaska, Disneyland, one just back from Ukraine, lotsa neat places. I better say where I’m going.


I’m not going anywhere. For the moment I’m sitting in a chair at work. In another hour and a half I’ll be home and I’m going to take a nap. I’ll be doing that another, I don’t know, four or five months while I’m stuck at my crappy job. Once I’m rid of it I’ll still be stuck in this state, and probably this town, so it won’t be radically different. Just thought I’d let everyone know.

Where are you not going?

I am not going insane.

I have decided that:

[li] The neighbor’s two-year-old (who they let run around outside at 11 pm) is not worth risking my precious sanity over.[/li]
[li] The local grocery store with the slimy 60-year-old grocery bagger always hitting on me can certainly do without my business. He and the ignorant manager who just laughs at my concern are not worth my precious sanity.[/li]
[li] Making out my will while I waited for my biopsy results was strangely calming and certainly helped my precious sanity.[/li]
Nope, I’m staying in the land of sanity for now.

And Florida.

Although those two places are usually mutually exclusive.

I’m in Denial, and, by God, I’m not going to consider even inching from here!