I'm not going up on this elevator! New Phobia?

Doctor Decapitated by faulty elevator

There’s a link I’m not going to click on. Nosireebob.

Ye gods! Thanks for that link. We’ve been having not dissimilar problems with our elevators for a few years running now, and building maintenance had always poo-poohed them. Guess who’s getting a copy of that article first thing Monday.

That poor woman on the elevator with him. Geez.

20 minutes… Trapped on an elevator with either the nice guy’s head or headless body… Someone she knew.

Oceans of therapy. You would’ve found me in the corner of the elevator, rocking and drooling. How can you go back to work there ever again?

Boy, this sounds like something straight out of “Final Destination”. Color me naive, I didn’t think this could really happen.