I'm not in Toronto...

So guess where I am. :smiley:

(Mundane? Pointless? You bet…)

Mississauga or Markham

Those hick burbs?

ducks, flees, etc.

Keep guessing. :wink:

Are you still in Ontario? in Canada? in North America? in the northern hemisphere?

Still in Canada… you’re getting warmer.

Mount Saskatchewan?

Toronto, NSW?

Behind my futon?

Echo Bay?






Ca va bien? :slight_smile:

So, coming to see the race ? Don’t forget to get yourself one or two smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz on the Main.

…and to EMAIL ME.

ding ding ding

I had a smoked meat sandwich–and it was delicious! :smiley:

Not sure if I’ll come out and see the race, though, it’s so wet and rainy. I already look like something the cat dragged in from walking to the Musee des Beaux-Arts. Maybe if it clears up tonight. :wink:

Email going off to matt_mcl