I'm not turning 28.

I turned 43 two weeks ago this Sunday. I can tell you that it’s not as old as you think, and in that period of time I have accomplished nearly as much as I did the first 28 years.


But they all beat the pants off anything in your teenage years. That’s what I think about when I start feeling old. That “your teenage years are the happiest of your life” is such a load… My 20’s and (so far) 30’s have been so much better.

Maybe I will stop keeping track of my age, too. It’s a pain, because once I am able to remember my age, it goes and changes on me again, and I’m back to square one.

Good for you.

I decided to abandon age altogether a few years ago (it involved Qantas and the international date line). And I’ve found it’s been a marvelous decision. I highly encourage others to be masters of numbers rather than letting the numbers rule them.

I’m glad to hear you have such wonderful family and friends who give outpourings of affection because it’s just that kind of day outside. Enjoy!

So… does this mean that you get to abandon age if you’ve crossed the international date line on Qantas? Cool- then I get to, too! :smiley:

Chronologically, I’ve had 38 birthdays. However, in my mind, I’m only 14.

I’m not quite sure why I’ve always self-identified as 14, to be honest.

Provided your husband’s into it.

Yeah, I’ll have to run that by him. He likes it better when I sleep with lukewarm 45 year old women. Fetishes. Meh.

Thanks for the unbirthday wishes, all. :wink: I got a tonne of booty for it… and weight and sex life aside, I got lots of gifts, too. New Chinese shoes, yoga pants, a T-shirt, a yogurt maker, a standing mixer, pyrex measuring cups, a DVD, a CD, taken out for breakfast and dinner… cripes. I must have cleaned up well yesterday, all these gifts just for being me. :stuck_out_tongue:

And in honour of the mixer gift, I am going to make celebratory pie!

Hi, Anastasaeon! :slight_smile:

for no particular reason … I’m just sayin’ “hi” … honest !

You’re 28. Sorry, no go-backs. You’re 28. 27+1. Too bad for you. Enjoy being 28.

makes outraged gasps You people and your… your labels! :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ll find you get crankier as you age. :slight_smile:

Happy Un-Birthday **Anastaseon![/B]

You know what? Turning 28 didn’t bother me; turning 30 didn’t bother me; turning 40 didn’t bother me; but somehow my 42nd hit me a little hard. Why? It’s not even a “milestone” birthday. I guess because I really took a good hard look at what I’ve done with my life. I discovered that I’d let a lot of life goals slide and it upset me. I had plans to mountain climb, skydive, go to college and law school and few other things. I haven’t done any of these things.

But, then I looked at what I HAD accomplished. I have a terrific husband and I adore him. I have two beautiful, smart, witty, compassionate kids. I worked my way from just about the lowest grade in federal civil service to the grade I am now. I’ve come quite a long way. I have a good marriage and although not financially rich, we’re pretty comfortable. I have a beautiful home and can provide for my kids all the things my mother couldn’t afford to provide to me.

Finally, I looked at myself and the person I’ve become. I’m much more comfortable with myself than I ever was in my teens, twenties, or even 30s. I like myself more. I’m more forgiving of a lot of things. On the other hand, I’ve learned not to swallow so much bullshit and stand up for myself now, while picking and choosing the IMPORTANT battles. Some things just aren’t worth the time, energy, and stress.

I turned 42 last month.

I’m not old and I like to say that I’m 29 with 13 years of experience.

I’ll join in. I’m not 28 either.

I just turned 25 last month.
(still a puppy)

Happy birthday everyone! smooches for all

I’ll don’t think I’ll turn 20 this year. Getting a year older is so passe.

I think I agree with you for the opposite reason. 27 has been the worst year of my life, so I refuse to turn 28 (thirteen days away) until 27 gets better. :slight_smile: