I'm not turning 28.

I’ve just decided. I had a birthday today (er, yesterday, now) and I have decided that the gifts given to me were tokens of love and friendship, and not given for any special reason. No birthday for me.

No desire to stay young, or cling to my youth. Age hasn’t impeded my perpetual childishness, so I’m not worried about losing any of that.

I have nothing against the number 28. I’m not afraid of the number 28. It isn’t even that old. It’s just that 27 was such a good year, and I’d like to do it again. So I will. Nya. I can do that. Because I said so.

Eventually, I will allow the numbers to turn over. Maybe when I reach 30. But for now I’m going to stay 27. Not that 27 matters. I still feel like I’m 16 years old, in the end. Still so much to learn, still so much to do.

So tonight I sit here, with a little piece of cake with a candle in it, listening to my old Sloan CDs (“Waiting For Slow Songs” - eeee!) and I will use it to make one wish: I give my birthday away to anyone who wants it. Go have a party. Buy a wee cake and feel good about yourself. Even if you’re lonely, even if you’re sad. Don’t age, if you don’t want to. But just take a moment and feel nice. I’m giving my 28th year away for free.

And if anyone asks, I’m 27.

Happy 27th, version 2.0. :slight_smile:

Wait till you get to v15.0! You can act 12, dress 24, look 34 and sleep with hot 30 year old women. :smiley:

My wife celebrated her 35th birthday 15 years in a row. Then last years she decided to start celebrating her 45th. Nothing wrong with delaying your age.

Congratulations on the second anniversary of your 27th birthday! I decided several years back to ignore my birthdays in the hopes that they would go away. The only problem is, I don’t know if they have because I’ve been ignoring them, and I’m afraid that if I look directly at them the SEP field will disappear and I’ll instantly age several years, much to my great chagrin.

Excuse me. I’m 30.
Seriously, the time I’ve always thought about has come, it seems. You see, I’ve had a baby face all my life and I always said “When I’m 30, I’ll appreciate it”. And I just got carded somewhere last week, and thought, “Hey, thanks!”

So getting older isn’t all bad.

Anyway, happy birthday, dear Ana. Hope you had a great day!

Yea, but they’re carding *everyone * now, no matter how old you look. :wink:

Happy 27th Anastaseon.

Nope, they didn’t card anyone else in our group (there were six of us) and at least one of them was my age and one only a few years older.

Just me. : preens :

I celebrated my 29th birthday for a while, until “Ellen’s 10th Annual 29th Birthday” just started sounding pathetic. I guess I’d switch to Annual 39ths, but somehow that sounds sad too!

I must say 42 is fairly cool, however. It’s the answer to everything. :wink:

See, I’d go ahead with 28 and save 29, when you get there. 29 was just about the best year of my life. Whereas 30 leaves a little to be desired. :slight_smile:

Anyway, happy day-of-no-importance!

I’m 46, and I got carded last week.

Happy non-Birthday Ana!!!

You look fabulous for…um, 27.

Happy Birthday!!!

I was 27 for 8 years (I just didn’t think about my age, honest!).

Now I’m 52.
I still enjoy life, but (for example) don’t run for buses anymore. Instead I go by taxi. :slight_smile:

I’ve started giving my age in hex, works great! Just tell everyone you are 1C.

Might be that I’m a bit of a geek

[Mad Hatter] A very merry un-birthday to you![/Mad Hatter]

Hey, at 28, you’re perfect! And you don’t get to be perfect again until you turn 496, so, enjoy it while you can.

Happy Un-Birthday to you!

I turned 33 this year for the first time. I plan to repeat that next year. :smiley:

Hmm. I’ll be turning 28 this October. Maybe I’ll stay 27, too. I’ve liked being 27.

Happy nothing-to-do-with-birthdays-day!

Hey, I like that.

“How old are you?”
“Cool. Wait. What?”

“Bill, creeeech we have a Condition 730, creeeech over.”

“Rodger that, Jim, creech let me know if degrades to a 1095, creech over and out.”

Happy …day, A.

Nice to meet you. I’m 100100.