I'm not who I used to be

As I stated in this thread, I was not happy with my member name.

I put in the request to the wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, kind, lovely, thoughtful, considerate TubaDiva and she graciously changed my name.

Goodbye, erie774. Hello, Slypork.

The name was my high school nickname, given to me by one of my best friends. It was a dumb joke that just stuck, but I love the name and so kept it.

Please carry on. Thank you.

Why am I hearing the Swedish Chef in my head?

Nope. That would be Slybork. bork bork.

[Homer] Mmmm Sly Pork [/Homer]



Does this mean that you’ll just kind of unobtrusively ease your way into all the Bacon Salt threads?

I’m always happy to see new pig-related user names.

I was wondering if he was related to Dr. Strangepork.

It’s a good supervillain name. I* like* it.

Remember the good ol’days when erie774 used to post here? I wonder what ever became of him…

I had a friend who was a very talented artist. He drew a picture for me of a pig wearing a trenchcoat and fedora, leaning against a streetlamp, cigarette in his lips. I’ve got to find it again.