I'm officially allowed on a Motorcycle



I still have to get my real license, but this weekend I passed my low-speed skills test, which means that I’m allowed in traffic on a motorcycle without supervision. As long as the sun’s up.

<happy dance>

So where are you at that they dont trust you after dark? It’s fun riding after dark. Congrats on getting it though.

I live in BC, which has graduated licensing.

Step 1 is Learner’s permit-- which means I need to be supervised, can’t go more than 60 kph, can’t drive at night, can’t take passengers, yada, yada.

Step 2 (which is actually optional and can be skipped) means that after 14 days I can take a low-speed skills test, and anyone who passes has the restrictions reduced.

Step 3 is the actual license-- and since I already have a car driving license, I’ll be good to go anytime anywhere.

But if this was my first license, I’d have more restrictions for another 18 months-- like no booze at any time.