I'm on a fake high

So I have Aspergers and maybe ADHD, and I have crushes on fictional characters, and right now I’m lusting over Bass from the Mega Man series. So in Mega Man 8, at the end of the first part of the intro stage FMV cutscene, Mega Man has just escaped Bass. Bass is standing there, with an irritated, determined, jealous expression on his face. The camera cuts to a close-up of his face and we hear his inner monologue:

“Don’t run away, coward. You’ll pay for this insult. I’ll be back.”

The way he says it…he says it in an ominous, vengeful tone. And the whole scene turns me on. IDK why, but it does. Bass is hot, so…and the voice actor made it perfect.

And today I watched it, and I…just went on some sort of high, I was running around the room freaking out…and also because I was last on this SDMB thread: http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showthread.php?t=612101 I was yelling “Elmo’s three… and a half! Hahahaha!” and ELMO’S EYES! ELMO’S EEEEEYEEEESSS!!! on repeat, and then it got worse and I thought I was Kyouko Kasodani (from Touhou) and began flinging my arms all over the place as if I was swinging a broom and yelling “AAAAAA UOOOOOO I’M A YOUKAI STOP, INTRUDERS, STOP!!!” while Kyouko’s theme, “Youkai Girl at the Gate”, started playing in my head…then I started yelling “NANANANANANANANA” and dancing around the room and then collapsed and spazzed out…then was saying “BOOHBAH” in the style of the Boohbah intro and started laughing insanely. I was just so infatuated with Bass I lost all control and did this…

Other stuff that happened: I kept forgetting where my hands were at random intervals, jumped up and ran around the room, and singing “round, baby round, baby round, like a basketball, round, baby…” and then giggling like a loon, yelling “NAI-LAI!” like Shizuka from Doraemon, and then of course screaming “BASS!”, squealing, and spazzing out.

I don’t know if I’ve recovered yet, as I still laugh drunkenly each time I remember that MM8 cutscene, but I just want to know if there are any aspies who go insane like this. I sometimes freak out and run around the room screaming Japanese nonsense, but not as much as today.

ETA: And who remembers that scene from the MM8 cutscene?

I assume you know enough about autism to know if this reaction is anything to worry about. I can’t recall anyone else I know with Asperger’s mentioning it.

All I know is that, if this happened to neurotypical me, I’d be very concerned that something was very wrong. I’ve never heard of anyone having that sort of “fake high” before, and I’d be worried there was something wrong in my brain.

I haven’t heard about this, and I asked my mum (retired exceptional-ed teacher) if she’d heard of it, and she said no.

Yes, about being obsessed with something. That’s pretty normal for Aspies.

But what you’re describing sounds like you’re a bit manic. You might want to see your GP and tell him what you told us, just to be sure that you’re ok. I assume you’re somewhere between 16-25, which is a prime time for developing some mental health conditions.

ETA: and if you find it won’t stop, and you don’t want to eat or sleep, see a doctor sooner rather than later.

Good luck.

I’m 13, and I’m actually very smart. Except I hate doing homework.
I’m fine now, but I was a bit worried about what happened. My older brother has autism and can’t talk, and my other brother is fine.

Well, everybody… needs somebody. I’d have hoped yours had an MD though.

How IS Darry? No, your other brother Darryl…

My brothers are Steph and Matt. Steph can’t talk.
An MD?

Medical doctor. Though, I would suggest that you see a psychologist or a psychiatrist. He is right–it sounds a bit manic. You should get it checked out. It’s the loss of control that is disconcerting.

One big reason is that mania often comes with it’s other side: depression. And you do not want to feel that.

So just get it checked out. Don’t assume everything weird is due to your Asperger’s. If we’re wrong, no big deal. If we’re not, you can get things fixed before they become a problem.

(And Darryl and Darryl is a reference to a TV show you probably are not familiar with.)