I'm on a roll, don't put me next to the sesame seeds!

Hey Dopers, are you hinking what I’m hinking?

I wasn’t being serious there, you shitheel.
I guess since it’s such a big deal, I’ll drop the accent. OK, you whiny pansies?

So when does school start back up for you?

I burning your rant.

NC, I am not in school.

Rough translation (I think):

I do not hate sesame seeds. I do not believe in hate. I was joking, as hating is fully acceptable, especially for those people who ruined my last thread. Now to return to the main topic, which appears to be about sesame seeds.

I have listed out the reasons why I dislike sesame seeds.

  1. I dislike sesame seeds in any form of moving transportation, or from any distance.*

From this, we can conclude that I dislike sesame seeds in any form of moving transportation, or from any distance.

*This means I hate them no matter where they are.

My hate is constant and also equal to the sesame seeds.

  1. I dislike large sesame seeds, or sesame seeds in my pie.

This means that I do not like sesame seeds in my pie, thus allowing people to draw the conclusions that I dislike sesame seeds in any dish.

Also, I dislike sesame seeds regardless of size. I would swear on the Bible to that fact, if I was not an amoral person.

  1. There is no 3, in parallel to the lack of sesame seeds in my bagel.

oh do shut up. my words are my own, as they are presented. i don’t need no jerkface reinterpreting my words.

Actually, you do. You’re pretty much incomprehensible until some kindly Doper comes along to remove all the stupid from your posts.

Open Sesame !



I thought it was more entertaining than the last one. I’d rather read faux Newfie than goth angst.

Of course, Newfie angst would be even better.

There are as many as 178 objects of Kurdt’s distaste on each Big MacTM bun!

Aversion therapy.

Sheesh, it’s the “Carnivale” OP. The OP for you to read if you like to read it, and I mean really read it.

The Pit is NOT the place for Experimental Writing. In fact, if you want to do this sort of thing, I suggest you get a website or blog of your own and put it THERE. In any case, do not post like this (that is, in a manner calculated to give me a headache trying to parse it) in the Pit again. Nor should you post like this in ANY area of the SDMB, except possibly in Cafe Society, and then only if you’ve clearly labelled it as vomit-inducing.

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