I'm on a roll, don't put me next to the sesame seeds!

It’s not that I hate the sesame seeds, you know. :frowning: Don’t hate, berate, and if that doesn’t go good, precipatate! :smiley: Just kiddin’, hating is alright, especially hating those unlinkry eilly wots that derailed me last thread, that’s wot! Anyways, back to the sesame seeds.

Well, here is a poetic diagram to show my dislike of sesame seeds, all scientific methods and the knot’s like!

  1. I do not like sesame seeds in my car, I would hate sesame seeds from afar.*

From this we can conclude that I do not like sesame seeds in a car, and from inference we can assume that I would not like them in any sort of moving transportation, wot that’s ever be, b’y!

*This indicates that no matter how far I am from the seeds, I will be hating them. I’d hate them from here to chicago, from here to anchorage, froom here to the moon, and from here to the andromeda cluster. From here to nowhere, by lollying I could good conclude, if the notion striked me hard and by a’ by!

X is equal to the sesame seeds, Y is my hate of them, and since they are both 1, my hate is constant.

  1. I do not like sesame seeds in my pie, I do not like big sesame seeds, I cannot deny.

Fro’ this I say I dunna like it in my pie. And I would dare say, from this fact, I could say(if my heart’s willin’ and thrillin’) I do not like it in any sort of accompaniment of food! What a brain jammer of a concept! :wink:

The last thing that I be telling ya in the number two is that I dunna be liking the seeds no matter what size they are, by a’ by! True, I would swear on the good lord’s book, if my morals would let me swear, and my lord dinnae mind it! True, true.

  1. There’s no 3, just like there’s no sesame seeds in my bagel!

Ow. my. head. :smack:

Where’s my fuckin’ coffee?

Do not be hating. :frowning:

I humbly propose that this should be the new "Hi, Opal!"

Dude, I’m thinking maybe you should try out for the Icy Hot Stuntaz. Lamer.

What the funk are you blowing at? This is how I talk, by a’ by. I’m no longer suppressing the way I speak, boyo! So screw off, oh oh ok?

Yer mother wears army shoes.

Where are you from? A television parody of Newfoundland?

You don’t have to suppress the way you speak, but communication is a two-way street. If you want us to understand you, it’s helpful to say things we can understand.

No offense, but… what?

Stop trying to supress my ways of speaking. Why not complain to the non-north american dopers for sometimes making their text nearly incomprehensible from all their unique phrases and ways of speaking? By a’ by, you seem to be a hypocrite.

What? What does that mean? :frowning: Please explain, ok?

I hope you guys realise I do not like those types of posts, they drain all the color out of my rant! :frowning:

Actually, I welcome clever or unique turns of phrase, and I’m pleased to see people use what colloquiallisms they would in real life. However, when they do, if I don’t understand, them, I’ll ask them things like

“Say, where are you from that you use expressions like that?”
“What does that expression mean?”

Very often, in fact, the non-North-American Dopers are kind enough to provide explanations in their own posts, to help us silly North Americans figure out what ‘bollocks’ and ‘craic’ and ‘the tube’ are. Communication, once again, is a two way street. I try to understand you, and you try to make yourself understood. Even if you had grown up speaking an obscure Iberian dialect of Rhaeto-Rumantsch, it would be extremely useless for you to post here using expressions from that language (without at least explaining them), since no one here is likely to understand you.

No need to be obscurant, and then to play the victim.

Well, this is a public forum, populated by people who try to understand what’s posted and to question it. You have to expect people to criticize what you write. Don’t like it? LiveJournal’s free, now.

More like he watched South Park this week.

Then I hope he never gets the urge to post about his sex life.

Would you like them in a house?
Would you like them with a mouse?

psssst – It’s “boots.” No, I don’t have a cite. I just know.

I think our mocking of his angst broke Kurdt!

Kurdt, wolfstu is trying to help you here. One of the first rules of writing is to consider your audience. When you post on this board with colloquialisms that most of the readers can’t understand, they’re going to be confused. When they express confusion, it doesn’t mean they’re intending to “suppress” you, it means they’re confused. In some cases, confusion leads to anger. Or brutal mocking.

If you don’t intend to communicate with us (and instead would rather simply entertain yourself), that’s fine, but this is probably the wrong place to do it. Livejournal and the like are much better suited to personal expression.

Kurt, I’d recommend watching this flash movie and watching until the message sinks in.

Pity. Deal.