I'm packing as you read this...

Short trip 5 days with the familia to visit the tribe where the masses are gathering for a weekend whirlwind of bacchanalia, down on the farmland and crossing the border as well to get to Mexico.

Any advice? packing tips? nice to haves? the people going in our vehicle are: two parents, 7 yo boy, 4 yo twins boy and girl.

right now still loving the ELO best of while trying not to go mad about where to really start…

Staying at a hotel because its just better that way with the quirkiness of our family. :wink:

Well, if you’re driving, I highly recommend activities for the kiddies. QUIET activities, like those cheap little flip books of coloring pages. And munchies. And window seats for all of them. Three personal cassette/CD players with headphones might not be a bad idea eather. Of course, if you’re one of the 'rents, you already know this.

I love kids, and I don’t mind traveling with them, but certain crucial preparations must be made when doing so. There’s no point in being delusional about it.

Play classical music while you drive. It really helps in keeping children calm. I was absolutely stunned when I discoverd this on a two-day drive…even conducted experiments to prove my hypotheses. There was no fighting if there was classical on and things for them to do or read. As soon as we switched to contemporary music, bickering broke out. Of course, the trick is to tune over to classical when they’re not paying attention to the music…then it just lulls them into peacefulness.