I'm Perfect!..Well,Sort OF

Today I was the ninth employee of my department to receive the Holy Grail…
A perfect audit.
I work in a call center. We are audited on five random calls a month. We are graded on various things such as how well we handle the customer,did we correctly follow procedures.you know-boring corporate crap.
And I got a perfect five out of five score. :slight_smile:
How? I didn’t flirt with the caller-I reserve that for here,emails,phone calls,real life but never work.

The secret? Ass kissing. Plain and simple brown nosing.
So I’m going to have another celebratory Corona…anyone else in?

::fanfare of trumpets::

We hereby award you, Hardygrrl, the Golden Shovel award and you rhonorary PhD, for Piling it Higher and Deeper than anyone else.
…and I’ll take a beer, but no salad in it.

::hands lurker a cold longneck::

BTW…the best part is-during the specific call-not only did I put the customer on mute and call him an assclown,I also flipped off the monitor.


But I must be a very good actress I guess…oh shit,I bet that sounds egotistical. Better watch it. :slight_smile:

“But I must be a very good actress I guess…oh shit,I bet that sounds egotistical. Better watch it.”

Oh hellz no! You got a) a perfect score while b) putting the guy on mute and calling him an assclown and c) flipping off your monitor??

I can’t afford Corona (I can’t even afford Milwaukee’s Best, fer cryin’ out loud) but I’ll gladly supply you with limes.

[sub]I’m ALL down with some overt ego ;)[/sub]

Hardy girl, have you ever considered becoming a stock broker? You have many of the attributes down pat for getting some bozo to entrust you with million dollar orders. Make sure you include this post as part of the recommendations.

My boss used to do something like this–he was (and is) an ancient coin salesman and could shmooze with the best of them. He perfected the art of the “fuck you and your mother, you lousy piece of shit” muttered undertone just as the other party was hanging up. I always waited for someone to not hang up (maybe have a last second thing they wanted to add) and hear my boss’s diatribe, but they never did.

Congratulations again to Hardygrrl…even though she didn’t flirt.