I'm probably going to pick up 'Freedom Fighters' for the PC today

I hadn’t heard much about it, but the reviews are really good, and it’s made by the same people who made another one of my favorites, Hitman 2. Has anyone here played it?

I’ve heard great things about FF. I’ll be getting it today, along with Viewtiful Joe.

I played it and it’s pretty good. It’s sort of a RTT (real time tactical) game. The combat is a bit like any bioware rpg except it’s more tactical.

Whoops, scratch that - I was thinking of Freedom Force.

Freedom Force – where you play super-heroes.

I found it great fun! I especially like picking up large explosive tanks and hurling them at bad guys. If you remember the dawn of the Marvel Age, it is a true treat to play. Possibly fun even if you don’t remember Smilin’ Stan and Joltin’ Jack’s classic styles.

If you’re looking for the PC version, you should probably try out the demo first. Fileplanet has it, and I’m sure the producer’s website has links.

I played the demo - it playes much like a console game, but with the precision of the mouse instead of a stick. Though for some reason I see that the PC version is around $10 less than the others, and can probably look better depending on your system; I had some slowdown in the demo in an area with about 20 enemies, my three teammates, two gun emplacements, and explosions going off at the same time. Some control issues (grenades bouncing all over the place, zooming in reduces your vision on the left side), but pretty solid graphics.

Freedom Force: Good fun, at least the first time through. Dang plot, stealing my favorite character just after I fully upgraded him. Liberty Lad saw a lot more action than the Minuteman(stop laughing!), especially he earned after his stun grenade. I got it on the cheap used ($4.99), but I’ve seen it in a bundle with some decent games as well.

Well, I bought it and spent a couple of hours playing. It’s a lot of fun so far.